11 April 2014

Fragment Friday

The neon-y goodness of my next weaving project.

1.  We finally had a couple of warm, spring-like days. So of course it's going to snow again. It's that time of year - wear my winter coat in the morning, and carry it home in the afternoon. Hopefully I can get gardening soon, before I lose interest. 

2.  "Mandible", "Spackle", "Loon-driven", "Anthropomorphic", "Cerulean", "Crackling"
All words I've found in poems of late that have a nifty mouth feel to them. Have you come across any words that sound/feel interesting?  

3.  Starting on a new woven scarf for DIL. Neon Green and Neon Pink. In a checked pattern. Hope I don't go blind weaving it. 

4.  New hobby - an excuse to buy How To books. and books about the subject. And books remotely related to the subject. And books....

5.  A breakthrough on my Second Fantasy Novel. I had to monkey with the magic system to make my hero more vulnerable so I could torment him more. If writers manipulated people like this in real life, they'd probably be strongly urged to see a shrink. Here, it's just good plotting. 

04 April 2014

Fragment Friday - The Poetry Edition

Where the weaving was at the start...

1.  I jumped in and am doing the Poem A Day thing for April. I figured it's good to keep my hand in on creating something new every day. And I can always happily spend the month or two after editing.

2.  I confess a recent fascination with anaphora. There is something about applied repetition in poems that gives them an almost religious feel. Or maybe it's the shape of the poem I want to write that steers me to anaphora. Have you used it in poems? What's been your experience?

3.  Poetry books I depend on to help me along with Poem A Day.
Diane Lockward's The Crafty Poet.
Steve Kowit's  In the Palm of Your Hand: The Poet's Portable Workshop
Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry by Scott Wiggerman and David Meischen, editors.
Rules for the Dance: A Handbook for Writing and Reading Metrical Verse by Mary Oliver
The Art of the Poetic Line by James Longenbach
The Discovery of Poetry: A Field Guide to Reading and Writing Poems by Frances Mayes

4.  I used to have a title first, then write the poem. Now I've done a 180 and write the poem, then search for the perfect title. It seems more natural that way. I find myself disliking prompts that want you to write a poem to random title. What a difference a few years makes.

5.  It's surprising to find there is still a strong resistance to free verse among poets. I suppose it will take another 60 years or so for it to become commonplace. I grew up on rhyming poetry and it has its place, but let's cut free verse some slack. And prose poetry, too, while you're at it. They are all valid poetic forms. Read all, embrace all. And that's the end of my sermon.

and here it is at the end. Springy colors for April.

28 March 2014

Fragment Friday

Max photobombs Merlin

1.  Snow in the morning for a fun icy drive to work, clear and dry in the evening for an uneventful drive home. I heard a robin the other day, but I haven't seen one, so it isn't really spring. On the bright side, I have vegetable seeds in hand. 

2.  I've discovered the key to warping my loom is to put on some good music and not worry about how long it's taking. It gets done when it gets done. Of course that sentiment could apply to a lot of things. Or should apply. 

3.  We're coming up on National Poetry Month. Do you have any plans to write/read poems for April? I am undecided on doing a poem a day. I'll probably give it a shot, but go off on tangents if I don't like the prompts. So who is the last poet you've read?

4.  The Corgis will play fetch whether there's snow on the ground or not. Just glad I got them a bright orange tennis ball. 

5.  Waiting for the whole dystopian trend in fiction to be done. Post apocalyptic stories don't work for me. Neither do anti-heros. I want my heroes to be, well, heroic. Zombies are so last week - and smell like it. Also, can the info-dumpy first person narrations with a voice that's too self aware. And I want the next book I read to give me a pony.   /Rant over.

21 March 2014

Fragment Friday - C'mon Spring!

Devils Tower

1.  For spring we get - snow. Why am I not surprised? I'm going to ignore and wait for the seeds I ordered to come in the mail. Almost as good as waiting for yarn. Almost...

2.  I'm thinking of putting new windows in the house. Looking at fiberglass instead of vinyl. Anyone had any experience with windows and what the frames are made of? And who knew glass could be so expensive? But as I keep telling myself - they're more energy efficient than what I have now.

3.  The Corgis are relishing the longer daylight hours in the evening. Now when I come home we immediately have to go out and play fetch for a while.  Because their smiling faces make me smile.
4.  Spackled over a plot hole in my Second Undone Fantasy Novel. Now maybe I can get on with writing the next chapter or two. I found I can't write when nagging inconsistencies are lurking on the horizon. Good excuse, don't you think?

5.  Moving forward with my plan to do raised bed garden boxes. Leaning toward square foot gardening. Only monkey wrench is I need dirt to fill boxes. Lots of dirt. I see a shovel and a wheelbarrow in my future. Any suggestions for vegetables to plant? Oh, and anyone have experience with raspberry canes?

14 March 2014

Fragment Friday TGIF Edition

Lookee! New yarn. Whatever will it be when it grows up?

1.  Since I've been in a poetry writing lull (in editing mode instead) I decided to write some traditional form poetry. Sonnets, a cento, some ekphrastic poems and the like. Somehow, having to play within the rules makes writing the poem an interesting challenge. Then again, rules were made to be broken...

2.  I would really like to write a renga, but I need some collaborators. Anyone game?

3.   After some wonderful spring-like weather we're headed back to snow and ice. I'm still thinking about planting garden boxes. And a few more trees. What are your plans for spring? 

4.  In an attempt to edge into the future, I got a new all electronic washing machine. I'm tempted to name it Hal, but I fear the response I might get - benign like this: I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. Or malevolent like this: Me - "Wash dog blankets." Hal -  "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." Me - "Who's Dave??" *punches buttons frantically*

* Bonus round, name that movie.
**Maybe I should name the dryer Dave. Hmmm...

5.  Attempting to get excited about upcoming baseball season. Fail miserably after remembering I root (rooted?) for the Rockies. Will probably cave and watch some games anyhow, because, you know, baseball. What will you be rooting for you didn't intend to this year?

07 March 2014

Fragment Friday

Happy as a dog in mud...

1.  Snowmageddon has passed and now the temps are up around 50 degrees. Lots of melting snow and mud. Low slung Corgis seem to collect it and bring it in the house. Then look offended when I want to towel them off. 

2.  I'm tapdancing around the calculation portion of weaving. To properly figure out how much warp yarn you need involves a formula, then another formula for the weft yarn. I've been fudging. Length and width plus some for waste and screw ups. It's be easier if I just do the formula. Are their math related tasks you avoid, just because, you know, math?

3.  The living room, hallway and entryway are painted. A butterscotchy gold for the living room and hallway, a light yellow gold for the entryway. Cream color trim. Beats the sickly pale colors that were there before. Now to tackle peeling the wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room. Then more paint, a sagey green with a touch of blue is what we're leaning toward. Any color suggestions for the bedrooms?

4. I wish I was a more logical person. Or more of a plotter than pantser when it comes to writing. I found a plot hole in my magic system for the Second Fantasy Novel. Now I have to rethink how some parts of the book happen. Even the gods in my book can't save me, because the gods have rules they have to abide by. 

5.  I've been listening to the Oldies rock station on the drive home from work. Oldies meaning 70's and 80's music. When the metal and punk rock I listened to in the 90s and 00s turns up on the Oldies station, I'll officially be well, old. 

28 February 2014

Fragment Friday - Snowmageddon!

Return of the Scarf. I made one for me this time, with leftover yarn from the other two.

1.  Bracing for another round of PolarSnowpocolypseAgeddon. If I wanted to spend my days at -20, I'd live a lot further north. On the other hand, it is conducive to knitting and weaving with wool. 

2.  Had a little mix up with the paint store. My light gold colored paint turned out to be a bright yellow. But we kept painting - "Oh, it'll darken when it dries". Nope. Easter Peep yellow. We took it back, and sure enough, it was an error. Now we get to repaint in a nice light gold that compliments our Aztec Gold living room - instead of clashing horribly. 

3.  My Anonymous brother and his Nonny Moose were kind enough to send me my grandmother's pasta maker. Now I'm all excited to make homemade pasta. Tradition and good eats all in one! What are some of your family food traditions?

4.  I've been writing snippets for the Next Fantasy Novel. Apparently my hero has a rather large flaw he didn't inform me about until now. So now I need to go back to my beginning chapters and plant some seeds. This was on top of another major character's revelation about who he really loves. I think it's time to rework my outline. Stupid characters, running their own lives....

5.  Have you been getting garden catalogs in the mail? They look so tempting, all that nice produce. I'm debating putting a raised bed box in my backyard. Two benefits - real vegetables, and less lawn to mow. Anyone have any insights into raised beds?
Close up of the Scarf ready to face Snowmageddon '14.

21 February 2014

Road Trip - The Landscapes Edition

The black and white version of Devils Tower

Aftermath of an old wildfire.

Devils Tower playing hide and seek
Lone tree surviving the winter

The road goes ever on and on

Devils Tower at the turnout, first glimpse or last

14 February 2014

Road Trip - The Wildlife Edition

Road Trip - Guess where I went today? I'll give you a great big hint -

The annual road trip to Devils Tower country.
It started out slightly sunny, and rapidly got grayer as the day progressed. But still we were able to see some wildlife. Before we got to the wildlife, we had to get to the ranch life.

These sheep were curious about who we were and what we were doing in their space.        
This Great Pyrenees sheepdog was not pleased to see us near HIS sheep.
The origin of some of my wool for spinning, knitting and weaving.
The obligatory mule deer picture. 

Bald Eagle that was feeding on a dead mule deer by the side of the road. He obliged by staying close.
Eagles that were feeding on road kill on the Interstate.

Bald Eagle watching his roadkill and waiting for us to leave him to his meal. 

Next week - Road Trip, the Landscapes.

07 February 2014

Fragment Friday - Another Cold One

Neither cold nor snow nor deflated ball keeps us from our appointed playtime.

1.  We made it through the latest cold spell. My back porch thermometer said 22 below without the windchill. I think it was -40 with the windchill. So 10 degrees above feels like a heatwave. 

2. I spent more time at work today trying to get a document to scan than a normal human being should. They couldn't send me a nice Word document, oh no. This was a scanned PDF of a rumpled piece of paper. I finally ended up retyping much of it into Word. I'm not pleased to be typing non-fiction and at work to boot...

3.  Proud of myself - I actually am watching tutorials instead of leaping into something and figuring it out as I go, my usual method. So which camp are you in? Dive right in the dark lake or tread cautiously down the path, flashlight in hand, looking for monsters?

4. Sometimes I wish I collected salt and pepper shakers. It's got to take up less space than skeins and skeins of yarn. (But - I need it for weaving, right?)

5.  Are you watching the Winter Olympics? If so, what's your favorite sport to watch? If you could DO one of the sports, which would it be? I would choose Biathlon.