20 November 2015

Fragment Friday - Unexpected Guests

A regular guest at the bird feeders.
Early week interloper under the bird feeders.
Neither chain or distance or physics will keep this squirrel from those tasty treats.
First snow and the sparrows gather to gobble down every last seed.
Hey, doves have to eat too.
Do you have any squirrel stories? Our bushy-tailed interloper only comes around once in a while, so I don't begrudge him a meal. Besides, watching him try and figure out how to get to the platform feeder was highly amusing. A for effort, and I'll put some peanuts out in case he comes back.

13 November 2015

Fragment Friday - The Peace Print 2015

Once again I participated in Artist Maria Arango-Diener's Puzzle Print. The theme this year was "Peace". Printmakers from around the world carve a piece of the puzzle block sent to them by Maria, and send it back when carved to be assembled and printed. No small undertaking! 160 artists, eight sections of 20x30 inch paper times those 160 artists. It is an undertaking powered by love.

This is the tiny section of woodblock I received, long and skinny, perfect for a Corgi!
Can you find the Corgi in his puzzle slot? Facing off against a tank, Corgis are all about bringing peace to the realm.
Max with his ever present tennis ball on a mission to get everyone to relax and play fetch.
Also included with my eight prints was a 260 page book detailing the making of the Peace Print and a page for each artist and their print.
My page and what Peace means to me. 

06 November 2015

Fragment Friday - The Remodeling Edition

No, we're not remodeling Corgis. Now that I have your attention...

1.  So here we are, boys and girls, November and the first snow on the way, and I finally got my bathroom remodeled. If the contractor's supply place hadn't kept selling my diverter to other people, it would have been done two months ago. This is how you lose customers, people...
So, before picture. 
Our minuscule downstairs bathroom stripped to the studs.
Now with super duper waterproof wallboard.
Isn't it pretty? We've nicknamed it the Taj-Mah John.

2.  So people keep asking me why I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. Because. Because I've done it before and know I can produce 50,000 words of drivel. Because I'm working on a poetry manuscript that frankly takes precedence. Because my Second Unfinished Fantasy Novel had a flaw in its plot that I've had to resolve before I can get writing on it again. And most importantly, because I don't want to. Got enough on my plate right now, thank you. 

3.  It's funny how much your dogs are like your kids. My dogs don't smell - or they smell acceptable to me. Other people's dogs - not so much. I'm sure they feel the same. Isn't it funny how familiarity makes you defensive? Then again, Corgis ARE the best dogs in the world. *Cue pearl clutching in three, two, one....*

4.  The way to a bird's heart is through its great, big stomach. Every morning I step outside to fill the bird feeders. Every morning I'm greeted by a cloud of winged things, cheeping about starving and what took me so long. Chickadees are brave enough to hang just over my head and scold me. The resident dove couple, Bob and Earl (We don't judge) usually explode in a panic and fly up to the bigger tree. 160 pounds of seed. Three cases of suet. Any bets on how long it will last?

5.  I'd like to remodel my kitchen, but you know, kitchens are big. Kitchens are expensive. Kitchen might have to settle for a new floor, coat of paint and new appliances. My biggest worry? Where to move the dog's feeding and watering stations if I do anything to the kitchen. Can't tell who rules the roost around here, can you?

30 October 2015

Fragment Friday - The Pumpkin (Spice) Edition

Pick a pumpkin, any pumpkin....
Narrow it down, you can do it....
There you go, almost there...
Well, if you're SURE that's the one you want... looks kind of puny to me, but whatever.... since it's going to become --
PIE! Make sure they're spiced. (1/4 c cinnamon, 4 tsp ground nutmeg, 4 tsp ground ginger, 4 tsp ground allspice) 

But don't eat too much or you'll dream of this --

"Pumpkinhead" by Jamie Wyeth

23 October 2015

Fragment Friday - Devils Tower Road Trip Part II

Devils Tower view, early afternoon.

Devils Tower view, afternoon.

Devils Tower view, mid-afternoon.

Circling the Tower, late afternoon.

Top of the Tower. (Thanks, zoom lens.)
Missouri Buttes in mid-afternoon.

Everyone brakes for wildlife crossing the road.
Lone tree in the afternoon.
One last glimpse of the wildlife and home we go.

Until next time, Devils Tower!