24 October 2014

Fragment Friday - Pre-Halloween Edition

Linus: "Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see."

1. Remember one of the burning questions of childhood - What are you going to be for Halloween?  As an adult it's still a question that brings a tingle of anticipation. I can be anything. In the recent past I've dressed up as a Jedi, Professor McGonnagall from Harry Potter, a wizard, and a fortune teller. Are you dressing up? What are you going to be this year?

2. This morning when I left for work the sun wasn't up yet. Something scurried through the dry leaves. Squinting, I was just able to make out a robin. He looked as bereft as I was in the near dawn. Why hasn't he started south yet? Isn't the deadline Halloween? In the twenty-minute drive to work I saw the sun finally crack the horizon in shades of gold and pink. Sunrise and coffee. A good start to the day.

3.  The Corgis love Halloween. Everyone that comes to the door comes to see them. So much excitement! Little people! The perfect size for licking. But - The Corgis don't wear costumes. The woeful looks they give me are more than I can stand. They don't dig dress up. I am Corgi, hear me bark!

4.  So who here buys candy to hand out to trick or treaters? If so, do you buy stuff you like or stuff you don't like? My theory is, if I'm buying chocolate for any reason, it's damn sure going to be something I like. 

5.  The outdoor spiders were kind enough to do my decorating this year. There's a whopping big spider web above left of my front door. I haven't seen the occupant yet, but considering the size of the web, I'm not going to mess with him. Maybe he'll eat the wasps that decided to look for a nest above my door also. As long as he doesn't eat the trick or treaters, I'll be okay...

"Have you come to sing pumpkin carols?"

17 October 2014

Fragment Friday - Autumn Edition

Max & Merlin - Fall smilers after a romp through the leaves.

1.  After having got my fill of changing leaves back east, I'm content to wait for my western leaves to drop off the trees and winter to commence. Not looking forward to it, mind you. More like resigned. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the pretty golds of a Wyoming autumn. 

2.  I've decided to pass on NaNo anything this year. No novel writing, no poem a day, no sweater in a month. I'm doing pretty well creating at my own pace, and don't want to upset the mental apple cart. It's tipsy enough as it is. How about you? Planning any writing goals, creating goals, or joining me in tipsyness?

3.  Fall weather and early sunsets don't bother the Corgis. They hang out on the back deck after the sun has gone down and return barks with the neighbor dogs. Cold doesn't faze the little woolly mammoths. They're ready for winter. I'm ready to spin their spring shedding into yarn.

4.  I'm always surprised to look up and notice it's dark outside. In the back of my mind I still think it should be 8:00 before it gets dark. A whopping case of seasonal denial in the works. What do you like about the onset of fall? I like like looking out the window and seeing the little pools of golden light that spill from everyone's windows up and down the street. 

5.  What's on the loom? Starting a scarf for Son 2 in manly shades of black and gray. Silk and Merino wool. Maybe some alpaca for a warm, fuzzy look. What's on the needles? Starting a hat for Son 1 - a pirate beanie in black with white skulls around the brim.  What's on the drawing board? Starting to draw in graphic lines. Using pen and marker to overcome my perfectionism. Little ATC (Artist Trading Card) size drawings mostly. 2.5 x 3.5. A few 5 X 7 drawings. My love of cartooning is still present. How about you? What are you up to?

10 October 2014

Creatures of NY

Contrast Horse waits for her supper - impatiently, I might add.
Barn cat doubts your good intentions.
Pretty boy on the other hand, waits patiently for oats - and treats.
Hypno-Cat knows you will feed her. NOW.
Curious barnyard calf is curious.
Outdoor bird spies on me.
Indoor Birdy Kreep spies on me and covets my dinner.
Other birds keep a wary eye on my camera....
...and warn me not to get too close.
"Take my picture? No problem. Here's my best side."
No album would be complete without the Grand Dame of the Retreat on the River....
... and a sighting of the rare and elusive closet cat, Frankie.

03 October 2014

Fragment Friday - Adirondack Pics

The trees were just starting to turn when we took our train trip.
This was our preferred method of touring the fall foliage.
Most of the trees rushed passed in a blur...
But the train slowed to pass by water features like ponds -
- and rivers.
Some trees were turning quick --
 -- others hadn't started yet.
Hidden treasure lurks around every bend.
Autumn in the Adirondacks.

26 September 2014

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Life on the Periphery took some road trips, and got around by plane, train, and automobile, sometimes all on the same day! Here's a little preview of one day of travels...

Always a comforting sight to see a place to land...

Traveling companion in the train station. 
The engine that pulled our horseless carriage. 

All aboard!

And what did we see in our travels? Stay tuned for next week's photo essay...

Sneak Preview