10 August 2006

It's All About The Socks

I'm finally getting brave enough to tackle socks. Now that Linda is back. This is not my first sock, I ripped that one out 7 times and started over, not my second sock, that one is getting its heel flap done and awaiting gusset instructions that make sense, but my third sock. Thicker yarn. I wanted to actually see and fix in my mind what the K2P2 ribbing looked like, and how to tell a knit from a purl. I think I finally got it. It was very hard to see on the other yarn, which is dark blue and fingering weight. My eyes are bad enough. This sock is also being done on my new Knit Picks needles. They are a lot pointier than my other metal needles. My finger is sore from pushing the yarn off. I'll have to retrain myself to slid the stitch off without using the tip of my finger.

This is a picture of the colorway I worked on for Linda. I named it Byzantine Necklace after the piece that inspired the colors. The golds got away from me and turned orange, but I am pleased with the greens. I think I will try the colorway again, with more grapey color for the dark. This was done with mixes of Kool Aid dyes. Lemon Lime with a little Black Cherry for the green- it is much sageier looking in real life- Lemonade and a touch of Orange for the gold, and Grape, Black Cherry, and Ice Blue Raspberry for the wanna be purple that is really more of a maroon. Maybe next time. I also need to find a way to wind the yarn into skeins. The lid of my hamper is not long enough. Drawback to Kool Aid dyeing? The dogs wanted to lick my yarn. Eww.

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