02 August 2006

New Historical Fiction Book

Historical Ficton Author Scott Oden's new book, Memnon, hits the stores today. It tells the story of Memnon of Rhodes, a Greek mercenary serving Persia during the time of Alexander the Great. Memnon contracts with King Darius of Persia to get rid of that pesky Alexander. If you like biographical fiction, this promises to be a good tale.

Scott is also the author of Men of Bronze, a novel of ancient Egypt.
Surf on over to Scott's Blog for some insight on his writing process.

Congratulations Scott!


KC Heath said...

Hey, Connie, how do you get the cover picture copied and over to your site? I'd like to do that too, but I'm not as tech-y as you are. I'll need baby-steps please. :)

Constance said...

KC, I stole it from Scott's site, or Amazon, I forget which, saved it on my computer, then uploaded it to my web page file, where Blogger pulls it over to the blog. You need to have it on the Internet somewhere to pull from. Your own web page preferably. People frown on other people leaching off their images. You can upload some pics to Blogger. I just don't o it that way.

In your post, click on the little icon that looks like a pic of a mountain. It will ask you the url of the picture you want to use or upload to Blogger. I put the URL of the pic in, decide left right or center, small medium, or large, then click ok. You can do it. :) Decide what you want, we'll walk through it.