19 September 2006

Gnomes! We got gnomes!

Thanks to Scott Oden and his insidious plot to take over the world, my blog is now infested with gnomes.

Not just any gnomes, no, I couldn't get garden variety garden gnomes, I had to get nefarious underpants gnomes. The UP Gnome wouldn't leave until I let him have the Lucky the Leprechaun boxers I bought for a friend.

The gnome promptly shrunk them down to gnome size, placed them on his head, and ran off in the direction of Beth Ciotta's blog, muttering about how his Evil Overlordness, Scott, would cackle with glee and twirl his cheesy mustache.

There was also some comment about being unleashed on the village idiot, but I didn't catch it all. Powered by the awesome energy of underwear, the little guy was mighty quick.

Since I'm only a minion, I bear no responsibility for this whatsoever. It's good to be an underling! (*sits back, with popcorn, to watch the show*)


Beth Ciotta said...

Bwa-ha-ha!! LOVE IT! *cackle* *snort* Thanks for brightening my day, evil minion. I want that gnome! Where can I get one?? :)

Constance said...

In a South Park action figure set. My UP gnome came with Butters. Butters is my hero, because he can morph into...*cues music*

Professor Chaos!

Um, who is a totally inept superhero with a tinfoil helmet. I can relate.

Scott Oden said...

Aha, but what if I unleash my slavering horde of Carpet Goblins on your unsuspecting Underpant Gnomes? Imagine the chaos! Imagine the wedgies! Imagine the carpet burns!

Now, imagine if I'd actually go write . . . ;)

verification word: ungeen (how drunk Underpant Gnomes say "unseen")

Constance said...

Hey! This is a PG site. No slavering!

*Asks sweetly* Scott? Why aren't you writing?

Verification: tzvlwndq
Even my own blog is against me. *sigh*