24 October 2006

It's Hunting Season

I think they know. Every day when I drive to work the antelope are hanging out along the roadsides and mingling with the horses in the pastures. Hunters aren't supposed to shoot around those areas. It's a bit disconcerning to see a huge buck strolling along the fence line while cars whiz by 20 feet away. I half expect him to hang his tongue out and waggle his ears as everyone drives past...

We seem to have had a bumper crop of antelope this year, I see many, many twin fawns that made it through the summer, I even saw a set of triplets! Of course, antelope are a little smarter than the deer, who think the highway shoulder was planted just for them to graze on. Nothing worse than driving home in the dusk and seeing mile after mile of eye reflections by the side of the road.

I also can't believe people come from other states just to hunt antelope. Maybe for the mount, but for eating? Antelope do not in any way, shape, or form, taste like chicken. I'd rather chew on an old dried piece of sagebrush. It tastes about the same. YMMV.


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, you live in the wilderness indeed.

We have deer in the woods here (and boars and some other animals but those don't keep crossing roads that often) that have not yet learned to look left and right before crossing a street. Autumn is dangerous time in that aspect. :)

KC Heath said...

how do they survive in that dry area? Amazing.

I saw two deer day-before-yesterday alongside a very busy Texas Interstate. No, they're not too smart, like you say. I sure like to look at them, though. Reminds me that civilization hasn't destroyed the world yet.

Diana said...

No antelope here, but plenty of deer. Deer season doesn't start for a couple of weeks. Last night I saw two does thinking about crossing the road--their eyeshine haunts me. This morning there was a dead one along the road. So sad. They are beautiful, if not too smart. (Like my dumb Honey Cat who insists on crossing the road all the time--scary business!)