30 November 2006

Daily Distractions - Roaming the Web

To get back into the swing of non-NaNo posts, a link or two for your day. Since it's the end of the month, check out Death and Taxes which is a nifty graphic representation of where your tax dollars go. I love the disclaimer "Don't forget about the national debt! Its the circle so big it doesn't even fit in the box." Click on the View the Graph link at the bottom to see the poster in all its governmental goodness.

Want to take an Intro Philosophy Course but don't want to pay for it? (Your parents were right, it's kind of a money sucking unrealistic major) Bounce over to Lander U for the online text for Reading for Philosophical Inquiry. The text is in HTML, PDF or MP3 format. Brush up on your Critique of Pure Reason, Summa Theologica, or Nichomachean Ethics. Your brain will thank you.

If nothing else, the Astronomy Picture of the Day site provides great computer backgrounds. It also just has awe inspiring pics of space. Check out today's - The Pelican Nebula. Definitely story inspiring.

My favorite unknown comic strip, Unshelved. For the library/book geek in all of us. When you have time to waste, read the archives. Start at the beginning, you won't regret it. I would spring for a "Will Work For Books" T-shirt, but I don't want my boss to get the wrong idea.

Not sure how to knit that helmet liner/mace cover/lidless eye socks? (Scott) Get help HERE . (Scott) Then when you are ready, you can go for the eye socks . (Scott- Hey, just imagine them in blood red and orange, okay?)

What funky things have you found in YOUR travels?

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