27 November 2006

NaNo - Day 27, The Complete Antagonist's Guide To Evil Doing

Whenever I am at a loss for words, I turn to my bad guys. They are more than happy to blather on about their nefarious deeds. Of course, the antagonist isn't really bad. Bad would mean he did things for the sheer joy of being rotten. Not the General. He is busy deluding himself and those around him that if they would just listen to his plan, and put aside their prejudices; everything will work out for the best. He might even be right. His sidekick remains skeptical, however. You don't get to be the evil minion's right hand man by not having a good sense of self preservation. The plan seems plausible, so the sidekick will ride with it. For now.

The sidekick has also informed the antagonist that his unleashing of the Godhunter was probably a mistake. Without precautions in place, this creature they summoned could just run amok over the world. Says sidekick to antagonist, "You did put precautions in place, didn't you? You bound the demon to you with blood, didn't you? So it can be destroyed if need be? Didn't you?"

The silence was deafening, a second before the antagonist changed the subject and distracted the sidekick. Whoops. I hate it when an evil plan has loopholes you could drive a demon through.
Now the antagonist has a problem. How to control the uncontrollable. The only way he can see to do this, is to hope the god he sent the creature to destroy is strong enough to take it down. The antagonist gets busy with his checklists.

God destroys creature - good, but then I need to find another way to take out the god.
Creature destroys god - Good on one hand, but bad if the creature doesn't quietly return to the dark realm he came from.
Creature destroys god, and goes rampaging over earth - Very bad, because the rest of the gods may not feel inclined to help out.
God destroys creature and retreats to heavenly abode to contemplate his navel - Ideal scenario, but extremely unlikely.
God destroys creature and comes looking for whoever sent it - A lot more likely than it was 10 minutes ago.

Antagonist checks his hidey holes and realizes there is no place on earth to hide from a pissed god. That's when the antagonist activates Plan B. Hope the god kills the creature, then find a way to kill the god and take his place. The antagonist likes this scenario. He even has a way to make it plausible. If he can get his hands on a certain little girl, one alone in a strange kingdom without benefit of the protection of her parents -Kadi, the protagonist he wants to marry, and Dzaro, the god he'd really like to kill - things could work out. The child has just been elevated from inconvenient accessory to bargaining chip.

Cue bad guy hand-rubbing and evil cackle.

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