06 November 2006

NaNo Day 6, - Stupid Character Tricks

For some reason my characters are being monumentally stupid in this go-round. The female protag rashly promises something she really doesn't want to deliver on, thinking she will be able to get herself out of trouble before it actually gets too deep. My male protag is trying to dump the orphan child he found at a temple, but isn't having much luck and not understanding why.

He reminds me of Goldilocks, this temple is too poor, this one is too busy, this one's too crowded. He doesn't want the child, hasn't a clue how to care for a little girl, but something in him won't let him just dump her in the street or at the nearest convenient temple. Sometimes my characters are too damn nice, and I'm tired of it. I went out into the character ghetto and found someone willing to con and cheat my hapless male protag. The boy needs smartening up.

The female protag does not suffer from excess nice. I'm trying to keep her that way. She has an agenda, and everyone is a means to that end. Problem is, she slips up and does some things that might be considered nice. But she told me, "Hey, I can be a nice bitch." Is that possible?

Of course, in the middle of all this, I get an idea for a short story I've been pondering a while. Now is not the time. Luckily, the main character hasn't solidified in my mind yet. All I know is that he is Phoenician, and an engineer. I know what setting I want to put him in, I'll have to see if he takes root there like some ancient potted plant. The other problem will be trying to keep him from crashing my NaNo novel. My characters all seem a bit impatient, never content to wait their turn until I can tell their story. They want to be number one in my affections. All I can conclude is that characters are a lot like little kids. It's all about ME.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, you shoud see my characters. They jump into bed, and in the most inconvenient pairings, the moment I don't look.

Arminius/Germanicus - really, what are you guys thinking? This so gets cut out after Nano.