27 April 2007

I summon Yssrs, the Orc-Gnome

Dear Scott,

Get writing or the awesome power of Yssrs, the Orc-Gnome shall be unleashed on thy ass.


Yer Fans.

Im in Ur hwase, reedin Ur book


Gabriele C. said...


Scott needs to put that cutie (cootie?) in his sidebar. :)

Scott Oden said...

I think I just hurt myself laughing.

I've got to figure out how to put it on my sidebar. It's too good.

We bow before your creative genius, Constance!

Constance said...

I'll have to break down and hand draw one. Just for the cool factor. Although if they aren't "green, foul, simple-minded, or piggish" I may end up with Vanilla Orc...