12 June 2007

D Day

Drop by David Anthony Durham's blog and give him a "Congratulations".

Acacia makes its debut in bookstores today!

Read, enjoy, then head to David's brand spankin' new Forum to discuss Acacia: Book One, The War With The Mein.

You know you want to read it.

This message brought to you by the Subliminal Gnomes of the Blogsphere, Corrupting Writers since 1932. "Im in ur Net, makn U du Stuf"


Kelly Blewett, kblewett@randomhouse.com said...

Dear Constance,

Would you like to review a new historical on your blog? In A Tendering in the Storm a spirited woman of the 1850s struggles to ensure her family’s survival and comes to terms with her own issues of pride and independence. Please respond to this query by June 18 and include your mailing address to receive a complimentary copy of the book. Thanks.

Kelly Blewett

Gabriele C. said...

I have to wait, sniff. Amazon.de has to get it from the US.

Constance said...


Responded in email. :)

Constance said...

Gabriele, don't feel too bac, just got a message from Amazon, my preordered copy of Acacia has been delayed in shipping. So it may be another week. So I guess I continue to read the ARC and wonder at the missing part. :)

So you don't even get the cool European cover?

David Anthony Durham said...


Say the word and I'll send you the raw manuscript pages of what your arc missed. Sorry about all the flaws, delays, etc. I only own the ones that are in the book, of course, but still...

Hey, have you noticed the post on my forum by Laethyn about writing descriptions to be used in the interactive map he's putting together? I'm having nothing to do with it, and it's been fun to watch descriptions of the places come in from a couple of folks. If you're interested please check out the post. I respect your wit, and imagine you could contribute nicely to the map experience...

David Anthony Durham said...

And another thing... How very interesting that a Random House person is writing you re reviewing on your blog! I don't know Kelly, but it's seems to fit right into our earlier discussion about publishers coming to grips with the blog-o-sphere. Very interesting. You gonna do it?

Constance said...

No need, David, I have my REAL copy of Acacia in my hot little hands. :) I saw Laethyn's post, and figured I would jump in when I finish the book - it may be a while longer, going to Vegas for the week. I checked it out. An interactive map sounds cool. I keep thinking I'll master Campaign Cartographer enough to translate my hand drawn maps over. Not yet.

Yes, I sent an affirmative reply. I need the practice. :) Anyhow, I'm practicing on the Gobs O'Phun CD as a reviewer also. My dilemma will come when I find something I don't really care for - how to be balanced and identify what didn't work for me.

My current readin ration of on line newspapers to blogs that are more news oriented is about 2-1. Then again, some of the blogs present sides of the story we may never get from traditional media. We can label it left wing, right wind, but in the end I'll make up my own mind once I sift through what's out there.