10 December 2007

Gratuitous Corgi XMas Pics with Bonus Cat Non-Action Figure

Here at the Corgi Ranch, we polled the pets about XMas. Their unedited responses are below.

UPDATE: Max and Merlin have not one, but TWO pictures (March and September) in the 2008 MyCorgi.com Calendar
Their response?
Max: "It should have been 12 pictures of me, but whaddareya going to do? Humans. Can't live without them, but you can con them out of treats."
Merlin: "Some of those Corgi babes are hot!"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Christmas.

"Who wouldn't want a soggy hedgehog for Christmas? Pre-chewed presents are the best kind!"


"All I want for Christmas is my two front pupils. And cow ear chewies, lots and lots of them. And my own hedgehog. And a starring role in the next 'It Came From Outer Space' SciFi Movie of the Week. Oh, and a pony. Just for me. Not for my brother."

"What is this "Christmas" you speak of? If it's not a day for cat worship, I don't want to be bothered. Wake me when it's over. Oh, bring my dinner and make it snappy."


Carla said...

Anubis has it about right :-)

I feel for that poor hedgehog.

Anonymous said...

Corgis Corgis Corgis!
It's all about.......Corgis.
Like they are the only breed of dog on earth!

Brought to you by the ASPC (American Society for Publicity of Corgis) which is a "front" for......"Life on the Periphery"

Constance said...

Anubis has Cat-fu. He always speaks the truth...

Constance said...


What's your point?


Gabriele C. said...

Aw, they're cute. All three of 'em.

Constance said...

Gabriele, Anonymous seems to think it's some kind of conspiracy... but you seem to understand. Corgi cute cannot be restrained! *g*

Anonymous said...

Corgi Schmorgi......I'll take a German Shepherd any day.
Unless I lived in a small apt.,in which case I'd get a .................Corgi.

Constance said...

You could get NonnyMoose a Corgi for Christmas.... :)

Anonymous said...

We were actually thinking of a shared Corgi,that could live with Dad,anonymom,and anonymoose.
Might confuse the poor thing.......

Constance said...

Anon, as long as they all feed the Corgi, the Corgi will remain confusion free! I think the Corgi motto is "Love the one you're with"

Anonymous said...

Max and Merlin......can I have your autographs?

No.....not from THAT end!!!

Tracy said...

A big congrats to Max and Merlin!!

They are gorgeous, but not as cute as my greys lol.