21 January 2008

Writer's Island 01/22/08


by Constance

When I

was young

I believed

what I read aloud.

The Apostles


The Pledge

of Allegiance.

Romeo’s speech.

When I

was older

I believed

the Lord's Prayer,

This Land

Was My Land,

and that Plato's

Apology was


A youth no

more, I recite

to myself

with equal fervor,


whose words

carry the


of a child.


Kristopher said...

Just popping in to say I've been using your iPod shuffle technique while writing the past couple days. It really is an interesting way to push yourself out of the little grooves we all get into. Thanks.

Constance said...

Anytime, Kris. Always searching for bizarre forms of inspiration to share. :)

paisley said...

very much in sync with your quote of the day.... makes one think... doesn't it????

gautami tripathy said...

I say 'bravo' to that!

Richard said...

Leaves me wondering what it is you are reciting.

Constance said...

paisley - but which came first, the quote or the poem?? :)

gautami :)

Constance said...

richard - ah, but that would be telling. Let's just say I've been reading Shakespeare, Biancamaria Frabotta, and Sarojini Naidu of late, and leave it at that. :)

Richard said...

the Bard, yes; Frabotta, ?; Sarojini - I saw a production of THE MAHATMA AND THE POETESSin Hyderabad a few years ago that was a dramatic reading of Sarojini's correspondence with Ghandi. It featured Tom Alter, and Mrinalini Sarabhai. The letters were interesting, and though the production was slow I kept to my seat knowing I was witnessing a bit of Indian theatrical history. Mrinalini is another woman of power.

tumblewords said...

I like the way you worked your way through crossroads and to a believing place. Nicely done!

paris parfait said...

A reminder that it's important to never stop seeing the world through the magical eyes and conviction of a child - no matter what roads one has traveled.

Constance said...

richard- Frabotta, Italian poet. I'm working my way through Italy and India in poetry at the moment.

Thanks for the links. Great video presentation! Very nice to hear the words read aloud. Powerful stuff.

Constance said...

tumblewords - still working! :)

Constance said...

paris parfait - It's hard to recapture the idealism of youth... but fun trying.

Meghan said...


Constance said...

meghan - :) thanks