31 March 2008

Writer's Island 3/31/08 "Torrid"

"parched w/c"

The Long Dry

by Constance

Late winter snow

squall dropped eight

inches. After six years

of drought it’s not enough,

not now. Ranchers pain.

White flakes blow across

needy pastures without

sinking in. The coalbed

methane water that was

to save them bubbles

merrily from the spigot.

The land suffocates

in alkali silence.

*Originally Published in Wyoming Paintbrush


Leonard Blumfeld said...


Especially the ending:

The land suffocates
in alkali silence.

gautami tripathy said...

Stark! Hits very hard!

word by word

keith hillman said...

A poem for our times.

Richard said...

"alkali silence" is a stupendous phrase! And "The Long Dry," is a really good title.

If you like the oil wars, you're gonna love the water wars.

Constance said...

Leonard - Sometimes you find just the right phrase...

Constance said...

gautami - Thanks!

Constance said...

Keith - Thank you!

Richard - I don't like either war, but no one gave me a choice! :)

tumblewords said...

Amazing how much water it will take to catch up...nice work!

Constance said...

tumblewords - more water than we got!
thanks. :)

Jeques said...

The long thirst makes the craving.

Oftentimes, this could also be true even among humans.

We wanted it bad, really bad. And once we get it, we can't just get enough of anything.

I like the double meaning that this poem could speak when the sentiments are humanized.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Constance said...

jeques - layers are good... I think we put double meaning in everything we write...

Meghan said...

You can really feel the bleakness and desolation of the land. Very well done!

Constance said...

Thanks, Meghan. A wet spring makes all the difference - picture wise.