21 March 2008

A Year Of The Rat Print

It'll be a bit late going out for the Barenforum New Year's Card Exchange. Technically, we do have all of 2008 to get the card to the other 62 participants, and I'm still getting Year of the Boar, and the occasional Year of the Dog card in the mail. I've done three different versions of the Rat card, and like this rattie best. (Yes, I've had rats in my house, -fancy rats- they make great pets.)

From the Baren Forum:
Baren Forum began sponsoring its annual New Year's Card Exchange for the 2000 new year and has continued this popular exchange in each subsequent year. The exchange prints are to be designed around that year's Chinese Zodiac Animal. Each year, members sign up by providing their name and mailing address, then print and mail a card to every other participant by mid-February of the new year. Prints should be about 4 x 6 inches () and may be in any media (not limited to woodblock). There is no 'moderator' -- you are on your honor to mail a print to each person on the list just as each of them are on their honor to mail one to you.

A cool idea, and it's a blast to get little prints from all over the world. I've participated in a few themed print exchanges through the Barenforum, and have lots of nice woodblock and lino prints in my collection now. It's interesting to see everyone else's take on the same idea. I've gone back to linoleum block prints, because me and woodblock are having some problems. Straight black and white woodblock prints I do okay with, but moku hanga prints still baffle me. I think once I get the inks and rice paste the proper consistency, I'll be happier with the process. Although there is something seductive about a straight black and white print. I've dabbled in chine-colle, collage, monotypes, lithography, etching, and stencils, I always gravitate back to lino and wood block prints. The same with other types of art - I'm happiest with a pencil or ink drawing. I'm a draftsman(woman?) at heart, I think.


Carla said...

I rather like him :-) He looks a bit alarmed, as if he's just seen something shocking when he peered over that wall. The viewer, I guess?

Constance said...

Knowing my pet rats, he'd be alarmed that there wasn't more food on the premises. :) In one of the earlier versions, the rat looked like he'd had 3 double espressos...