24 June 2008

Evil HypnoGnome Sez...

Buy This Book!

Or I will visit U in d' Nite...

Unleashed by Kris Reisz

Not convinced? How about a testimonial (review) from a non-reading 15 year-old teen with no connections whatsoever to HypnoGnome?

"This was a cool book."

"This high school kid, Daniel, kept trying to be what everybody wanted him to be."

"Then he met some werewolves and they taught him how to be himself."




"I wish I was a werewolf..."

Uh, anyhow, obey Hypnognome! Buy a copy of Unleashed and help protect the planet! (some planet, somewhere) If you buy enough of them, they stack nicely and also protect from random attacks by the undead!*

*Not intended for use as protection against Really Seriously Pissed Zombies.


Anonymous said...

What's next?
Corgi advertising?
Got Milk?

Constance said...

Anon - Hey, I'm providing a valued service here! How to protect yourself from the undead AND avoide HypnoGnome repercussions.

Corgis have their own advertising agency. And publicity machine. They're appearing this week at the Celtic Festival by popular demand. I'll get an autograph for you. :P

Kristopher said...

All hail HypnoGnome, the greatest salesman since HypnoToad!

Also, love the testimonial. "I wish I was a werewolf," is the best blurb ever. Be sure to thank whatever 15 year old you prodded into making it for me.

Constance said...

Kris, that would be Son #2 ™, The non reader.

Scott Oden said...

Hang on a sec . . . you have a son who doesn't read? YOU? Where on earth did you go wrong?! :)

Pffft . . . HypnoOrc would soooo curbstomp HypnoGnome . . .

But, where Unleashed is concerned: I have read it and it is good. Cursedly so. Damn that Reisz fellow! I've also heard that reading it will enable future generations to solve the energy crisis, bring peace to the Middle East, and deflect small asteroids -- with their brains!

Constance said...

Scott- Hey, you get what you get with kids. He doesn't even read comic books. Strange child. But he does read (and love) Kris' books. Go figure.

HypnoGnome commands you to finish LOC!