10 August 2008

Back From WorldCon

I went, I saw, I concurred...
WorldCon was awesome.

Met a lot of wonderful people, and got inspired for writing fiction and poetry, and for creating art.

Had a great time with KC Heath, my 'tour' guide and Word By Word Writer's Society friend.

A lot of new authors to add to my TBR pile...

Note to Self: Self, do not walk all over Denver (Hotel to Convention Center, 16th Street Mall, lather, rinse, repeat several times a day) on a recently healed broke-then-operated-on-toe. Not a good plan. On the bright side, the multicolored array of bruise colors makes a great zombie palette.

Gave Eldest Son the G. Scott Heckenlively painting I bought him for house/cat/lilac bush sitting.

Fetched the dogs from the Corgi ranch and spa. They were ecstatic to see me, and now are snoozing happily at my feet. Little do they know a bath before their bedtime is in order. Rolling in horse and cow pies for a week left them a bit... odoriferous.

Hope to translate the sketches I drew at WorldCon to the computer in the next week or so, maybe color some in and post them over on my website . Not a whole lot of people pictures, a few character sketches and some scifi themed drawings -Rocketships and space monsters. :)

Any further recap will have to wait until I unpack and recover. My head is still whirling, but I'm glad I went. I need to get out of Wyoming more often, and see how the rest of the non-prairie world lives.

* Was looking forward to a nice, quiet first night home. Guess what's in town and started tonight? Yep, The Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention. Fireworks demos. Every night for a week. A loud week. Did I mention the Corgis bark at fireworks? Did I also mention I live less than 2 miles from the Events Center where it's being held in all its noisy glory?

doG help me.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time.
Glad you made it back safely.
Glad the corgis got to roll around in the fun stuff.

Constance said...

Anon, The dogs got baths before they were allowed in my bedroom. :)

You know, if you come visit, you could rewire my house for sound... so I could have my iTunes in every room. Oh, and the every corner of the house spy cams would be nice too...

Next year, Spiedie Festival & Balloon Rally! I hope.

Anonymous said...

If I came to visit,I have a feeling it would be the definition of a "working" vacation!

Kind of like a state job.....

Constance said...

You always 'work' on your vacations, go ahead, try and deny it!

kc heath said...

of all the con-roomies I've ever had, you were the best!

We've GOT to do this again. And not after we become as geriatric as the mob we encountered :)

Constance said...

KC, I agree!
You say Corgi, I say Alaska. *g*