01 March 2009

Black Dragon, White Dragon Anthology

The Black Dragon, White Dragon Anthology is finally here!

24 stories about Dragons - good, bad, and everything in between.

My story "The Borrowed Sword" is included. It involves a dragon that might not be a dragon, stealth, subterfuge, and the Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China.

Brought to you by Ricasso Press, Editor Robert J. Santa, available from Amazon.

Story authors include:
Eugie Foster
Steve Goble
Heidi Wessman Kneale
Mark Yohalem
Katherine Shaw
Martin Owton
Adrian Simmons
Jennifer Schwabach
Armand Rosamilia
Sara Michael
TW Williams
Constance Brewer
James S. Dorr
Jeff Crook
M.L. Burch
Anna M. Lowther
Gerald Costlow
Kelly A. Harmon
Christopher Heath
Peter Friend
Sean Melican
Peter M. Ball
Edith Nesbit


Kristopher said...

It must be a rule now or something that every fantasy anthology published in the United States must have a Eugie Foster story in it.

Congratulations, Constance. Hope it sells a million copies.

Constance said...

rules is rules. :)
I'm just happy to have my copy. It was a long and arduous 3 week journey by pony express to get it here. I should post what the wrapper looked like when it arrived. I think it was pre-read by the post office. :P

Gabriele C. said...

Congrats on the publication.

Carla said...


Constance said...

Gabriele and Carla - thanks!

Meghan said...

Congrats! That's super awesome!

kc heath said...

I just ordered my copy from Amazon.

Now we have to Con together again so you can autograph it for me!

Constance said...

Meghan - Thanks!

Constance said...

But KC... How will you sign my copy of Reins of Time, then??
We must plan another Con adventure. Maybe I'll come down to Texas and tell Brad it's girl's day out. :)

kc heath said...

I bought an e-book reader yesterday so's I can rant and rave how wonderful these things are [I hope:)

Anyway, once I get 75 e-copies of ROT sold, then I'll have a hard-copy that I CAN sign for you!

Yeah, I'm needing a con soon too, though I don't know when it'll happen....