12 March 2009

Black Dragon, White Dragon Review

No, not by me.

I haven't had time to take decent pictures of the Corgis, let alone actually read a book this week. Just a bit busy getting the WyoPoets 2009 chapbook, Distant Horizons, ready for print. Cover art coming soon. (I refuse to define 'soon' on the grounds someone might actually hold me to it...)

Yes, I've been slacking this week, and yes, I expect poetic karma to catch up with me and result in something bizarre like case notes written in iambic pentameter. Again. (Luckily, my boss has a sense of humor.)

So check out a very nice review of the Black Dragon, White Dragon Anthology over at The Fix.
Ottinger took the time to comment on every story in the anthology, a 2000 word review. Very impressive. "The Borrowed Sword" fared well, I'm relieved to say.

Go forth, read the review, then go secure your own copy of Black Dragon, White Dragon.



Carla said...

Congratulations! BTW, there's a little award waiting for you on my blog.

Constance said...

No fair torturing me with thinking... *whines*
You do realize my answers will be slightly strange, don't you?

Carla said...

Slightly strange is part of the fun :-)

BTW, there's a new variant of the award logo - take your pick when you collect yours :-)

Constance said...

variant? Hmm. I'll have to variant a little myself. :)