25 April 2009

April 25 - Poem A Day Challenge - Event

Today's prompt: "I want you to pick an event; make that event the title of your poem; and then write a poem. Think birthday. Think holiday. Think whatever." Poetic Asides

The Dog's Fifth Birthday

We showed pictures of you at three days old
cradled in eldest son's baseball cap, cupped
in his hands, snuggled next to your brother
and sisters, eyes sealed. At three weeks,
you already had a nickname, "Bruiser"—
not an indication of trouble to come,
but a hint of your need to serve and protect.
Some may find it funny, to bake a dog
a birthday cake of flour and oatmeal, peanut
butter, cheese, bacon and applesauce. I think
it appropriate. You are a family member
after all, child-chosen to add canine
perspective to an otherwise ordinary life.


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