07 April 2009

April 7 - Poem A Day Challenge - Clean

Poetic Asides

It's "Two for Tuesday", twice the prompts in half the time. :) I picked only one, however.

Today's Prompt:
Prompt #1: "I want you to write a clean poem. Take this however you wish. Clean language, clean subject matter, or cleaning the dishes. Of course, some twisted few will automatically link "cleaning" with hired hitmen. That's okay, as long as your poem is somehow linked to clean."

The first thing that hopped into my mind was Tabula Rasa - blank slate. A clean start. The fact that in life, you don't get 'do-overs'. But what if you could? On my blank slate I mixed and matched a bunch of philosophical theories from the studies of my past (gotta put that degree to some use!) and spackled together The Epistemologist's Guide To A Reboot.

Tabula Rasa

I want a do-over.
The ability to jump start,
begin again, fresh, clean,
original. Smooth the clay
tablet of my past,
limit the scope
of my knowledge
to the here and now.
Dissociation is my goal.
Let what is recognized
be true beyond all
my doubts. Erase
this empirical being,
give me a new account,
any justification will do.
Trust me, I'll have multiple
ways of knowing, intrigued
by the pure potentiality
of reason. Better yet,
send down a mind
from somewhere
in the heavens,
it's pre-existence not
my experience. Sensory
data can be acquired. Observed
or derived, it doesn't matter,
I bow to the hypothetical. I can't
categorically state that this do-over
is entirely necessary, but it would be


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