09 April 2009

April 9 - Poem A Day Challenge - Memory

Today's Prompt: "I want you write a poem about a memory. The memory can be good or bad. The memory can be a blend of several memories. I suppose it could even be a memory that you're not sure you remember correctly. Take your time finding a good one (or good ones)."
Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer

A poem conjured from looking at pictures from one of many afternoons spent hanging around Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy.

Piazza Afternoon

A spiral of pigeons s-curved,

dropped in.

The widow hawked

cracked corn in paper bags.

Dusty schoolchildren twittered

and flitted about.

Three black-robed priests flew

across the cobblestones.

Couples preened and posed

by the trickling fountain.

The sun trilled warmth

across the square.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Judging from the response to your poem a day challenge,I offer you this;

"A poem a day keeps your friends away"