02 April 2009

Fabulous Blog Award

A few weeks back Carla bestowed this award on me. I'm to name five things I'm obsessed with, and name five other blogs I think are fabulous.

I tinkered with the award a bit to fit the unofficial 'theme' of my blog - and to annoy Anonymous.

Since Carla downgraded 'obsessed' to 'enthusiastic', I'm going to sidestep and do my restrained version of 'quite interested'.

Five things I'm Quite Interested in.

Poetry – That's pretty much a given. Reading, writing, and contemplating poetry occupies a significant portion of my writing brain. I've listed some of my favorites over on the Every Day Poets staff page, so I won't repeat myself here. I'm sure the astute have picked up on the Usual Suspects I write about.

Corgis - Bet you didn't see that one coming. My first love will always be Basenjis, and we were looking for the right Basenji rescue to adopt, but the right one wasn't coming along quick enough. Actually, the Corgis were supposed to be a German Shepherd, but we got bumped down the waiting list, and then Eldest Child was introduced to three day old Max and fell in love with him. A pint sized German Shepherd in convenient pocket form. So we have Corgis. They're pretty special, they think so, and don't let us forget it.

Design - Be it Knitting, Printmaking, Engineering, web pages, or anything involving figuring it out with pencil and paper first. My early training was as a visual artist, and I can't get away from that. I set out for college many moons ago to be an illustrator, before I got seduced by the Dark Side of Fine Arts and Philosophy.

Wyoming Landscapes – which includes hiking over them, driving around in them, taking pictures of, and in general just loving every minute of living in the wide open wild west. Yes, even the snow. Mostly. *grumbles*

Paper - This comes closest to the 'obsession' of which the award speaks. I love paper, in all its various guises. Drawing, watercolor, printmaking, pastel papers, and illustration board. Cardstock. Vellum, parchment, and handmade paper. Newsprint and cardboard. Blank legal tablets. Old fashioned wrapping paper and new baseball cards. As long as there is space to draw or write on, I'm there.

My five nominees go to... any one who is interested in being obsessed. Have at it, and if you ask real nice, I'll even personalize your award a bit.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is not annoyed.

Anonymous thinks your "obsession" with Corgis is fascinating!

Constance said...

If Anon is not annoyed... I'm not trying hard enough!

Carla said...

Cool logo :-)