21 June 2009

Once More, Into The Woods

I listened to Corgi complaints about their lack of 'fun' exercise, and took them for a hike. When we got out of the car, Merlin was so excited he galloped in circles around me, little stub tail going a hundred miles an hour, while Max gave him the 'Look'.

Bro, show some dignity. There might be girl dogs around.

Max's stern glare didn't phase Merlin, Mer is a pretty much Live In The Moment dog. So off we went, into the woods and down the path.

It was just warm enough out to make walking under trees a relief. Birds followed and scolded us for a mile, squirrels let the dogs get close, then would bound up a tree, just out of reach. There was plenty of things for busy Corgis to do and sniff.

Of course Max thought he'd be sly and sit to wait for a squirrel. I didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't quite 'blend'.

And here's a time when they blended too well. There are two Corgis in that picture, somewhere. Behind the tree, I hope.

By the time we got to the big field after the woods, I didn't have to worry about Corgis blending as much as finding them! After lots of rain, the fields were Corgi-back high, or higher with green grass.

Max, porpoising through the tall grass. The guys didn't seem inclined to get too far from me, once we were in the field. Then again, I was the tallest thing around, so maybe I was their navigational beacon.

There were lots of pretty cloud formations to look at - at least for me. The Corgis were more interested in ground level oddities, like antelope droppings and ground squirrel holes.

We stayed out so long, I watched my interesting cloud formations develop into a threat on the horizon. The good thing about Wyoming, you can watch a storm come in from miles away.

Between the heat and the long walk, Corgi tongues were down to their knees. After a refueling stop at the trunk of the car (water, one each, dog bowls, two each, treats all around) we headed home. Max was tired enough to plop down in the front seat and relax, Merlin, my perpetual motion machine, had to stick his head out the window and let the wind send slobber trailing behind us.

Max, tired.

Merlin, not so tired.

Of course, today, they were ready to do it all over again . . .


Gabriele C. said...

Can't blame them. It sounds like a fun dog day. :)

Constance said...

It was for them. I carried the water and treats while we hiked, I drove us to the woods while they supervised, I pointed out the squirrels. A good Corgi slave. :)

Carla said...

Max hasn't quite got the hang of this stalking business, has he?

Glad to see they have you well trained! A dog's life, eh?

Constance said...

Max thinks all you have to do is plop down and wait, and the squirrels will come. :)

Meghan said...


Constance said...

meghan - yes, and they know it!