29 September 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Carla, over at Carla Nayland Historical Fiction bludgeoned me with this colorful award. As with all bling, it comes with strings, namely some play along questions. So here they are, in no particularly coherent order . . .

List 7 of your favourite things.
  • paper - forms:art papers with all their wondrous weights and textures, books, and Post-it® notes – savior of the absentminded.
  • dogs - The only beings that worship me as their god. Please don't tell them I'm not omnipotent.
  • the Internet - Instant gratification for the terminally curious. I want to bake the inventor of Google Earth a cake for allowing me to see what's parked in my British friend's driveway. (Hi Oonah!)
  • Wool and wooly things - From alpaca fleece to Rambouillet roving to yak yarn and everything in between.
  • National Forests and Parks - Legal trespassing on spectacular scenery, and source of inspiration for poetic and theological treatises.
  • Poetry - Saving my sanity stanza by stanza, line by line, rhyme by rhyme.
  • Mythology, sociology, theology, and physics – The cause of inner dichotomy since the dawn of time.
List 7 of your favourite activities.

  • hiking/walking meditations - AKA wandering aimlessly/purposefully through vast uncharted (by me) areas of wilderness in a never ending quest for inspiration/spiritual enlightenment, and a nagging obsession with Man vs. Wild – note to self, bring plenty of power bars, since eating bugs/snakes/yak eyeballs is out of the question.
  • Spinning/knitting/dyeing wool - OR 101 things to do with a sheep fleece. What? Everyone doesn't like making their clothes from the animal up? Yes, I have a loom too. Don't come whining to me for a loincloth when the zombie apocalypse hits. Plan ahead.
  • Printmaking/drawing/graphic design – See zombie apocalypse. Your only news and cartoons will come from me. Reduced to bare essentials and printed with the finest ink and papers harvested from the undead.
  • Reading/writing poetry and other fiction – I want to create an earworm so insidious schoolchildren 200 years from now will be belting out my verses instead of "The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere" or "Casey At The Bat". A really annoying rap song would be quicker, but I do have standards.
  • Mad Scientist – otherwise known as cooking. I almost never make a recipe the same way twice. Usually because I've lost the recipe, or forgot to write it down while creating a new dish. ADHD Rule of Cooking: If it has more than 7 ingredients, it probably didn't need those extra ones anyhow. Better off leaving them out, no one will miss them.
  • Philosophical Discourse. Name the topic. AKA Will argue for coffee, with coffee, over coffee, about coffee.
  • Home Repair – It's my house - if I want my living room to be burnt orange, I can do that. What's not to like?

List 7 things no-one knows about you.
  • I once spent 4 months in the jungles of Honduras learning: The velocity of a fist size beetle determines how badly the windshield will get broken. If you accidentally kill a chicken, villagers will take the equivalent of $2.50 in compensation. Plus the dead chicken. Toenails do grow back from jungle rot. Eventually.
  • I can sing the Canadian National Anthem in both English and French. Yes, we had a minor league hockey team in my hometown, why do you ask??
  • If I had to do it over again, I'd be a physicist of some sort. Astro or quantum. Oh, and I'd pay more attention in math class.
  • I took a train trip from Siena, Italy to Amsterdam by myself one weekend just to go to the Vincent Van Gogh museum. I also went to the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum, back to UNISI just in time to take an art history test. Van Gogh wasn't on it…
  • My eldest child and I have the exact same birthmark, in the exact same place.
  • There is rap music on my iPod.
  • I originally wanted to fly UH-60 Black Hawks in the Army. Instead of going up, in the air, they thought I'd be happier blowing things up, in the air. Go figure.

Pass the award on to 7 others.

  • Since, as Anonymous always reminds me, I don't have seven friends, the award is up for grabs. Just follow the loose-goose rules and let the rest of us know you played, so we can go read all about YOU.


Anonymous said...

I nominate you for the "Creatively Sarcastic" blog award!

Meghan said...

"Instant gratification for the terminally curious"

I legit LOL.

Constance Brewer said...

Anon - would the image be a portrait of you??

Constance Brewer said...

Meghan - I figured you would understand. :)

Anonymous said...

I rest my case.

Constance Brewer said...

Hmm, Anon may have a point. I think I know exactly which picture to use... just got it through my phone the other day. *g*

Carla said...

Thanks for playing along :-)