11 October 2009


Mother Nature came out early, swinging. After our lovely week of fall weather, the temperature plummeted, winds howled, and we got wet, heavy snow dropped on us.

I failed to get pictures the morning of the aftermath, but the trees were bent double under the icy snow.

The poor trees didn't know what to do, so they cracked under the pressure.

Many of the broken limbs were good sized, one limb was about 20 inches around.

The smaller ones were mostly whippy enough to recover.

But the bigger limbs just shattered. It sounded like gunshots going off all night.

Getting to work consisted of playing dodge'em with all the tree branches in the roads and hanging over the roads and leaning into the roads.

All my cottonless cottonwoods took heavy damage.

Even the crabapples lost some branches. The lilacs aren't big enough to take much damage, luckily.

The Russian Olives? You can't kill them, not even intentionally. Probably why Wyoming has decided they are a noxious weed. All I know is there isn't a branch missing off any of my olive trees. Tough enough, for sure.


Mario Cuomo said...

Sunny and 55 degrees here today.

I love NY!

Constance Brewer said...

It's headed your way, Travis... err, Mario. I'd get the plow on the four-wheeler. :)

Cris Koolumbus said...

I'm afraid you are right.
Rain/snow mix forecast for later this week.

Wish I still had the four-wheeler,thankfully a very nice neighbor snowblows for us.

On the bright side...mowing season is pretty well done!
FYI...."The Irish Rovers" are great to mow with!

Will be home today enjoying the holiday the state gave me to celebrate our goomba.

Constance Brewer said...

the goomba is not well liked out here. I have to work today. Ah well.
I tend to listen to The Offspring while mowing... puts me in the right mood. Mow it down!

Gabriele C. said...

The poor trees.

Some parts of Germany got snow early this year as well. We only got frost - the potted geraniums and marguerites still in full bloom spend the nights in my parlour. ;)

Anonymous said...

Winter storm watch in effect,significant accumulation possible.

Thanks a lot!

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele, I'm afraid I kill indoor plants. If the outdoor ones survive, they deserve to live!

Constance Brewer said...

You're welcome. Anything for my big brother. *g*