11 November 2009

Last Hike of the Season

Thanks to some unusually nice November weather, including a few 60 degree days, the dogs and I managed to get in one last hike while it was still nice out.
Since it's dark when I get out of work now the awesome twosome have to wait until the weekend, or a day off to hit the park. We'll still go when it snows, but the picture taking opportunities will be a bit more limited, or at least the colors will be less exciting.

Signs of an abrupt end to Fall were all around us.From fat pine cones coveted by the resident park squirrelsto the last few berries left for birds to squabble over.
The trees did their best to go out in a blaze of glory,
but orange was the predominate theme. and what last leaves there wereclung tenaciously to the branches, despite the brisk Wyoming wind.
Merlin's color scheme fit right in, and he seemed to enjoy the blustery day,
although there's probably one or two dog-chased residents who will be glad to see less of us.
The skies by the end of our walk portended what we had to look forward to in the upcoming months. Max and Merlin made the best use of their time by inspecting all holes for the winter, and marking a trail around the park to follow the next time we go adventuring.

(Dedicated to Anonstrodamus, whose predictions are accurate, if a bit slow...)


Carla said...

Looks like a gorgeous day.

Gabriele C. said...

Lovely pics.

Lovely Corgi, too. :)

Constance Brewer said...

Carla - it was. We snuck another hike in today, but everything was brown, gray, and tan so no pictures.

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele, they do look quite taken with themselves, don't they? *g*

Carla said...

I meant to add - gorgeous dogs - to my earlier comment :-)