06 December 2009

Poems in Space

Observing You From The Other Side Of The Galaxy
by Constance Brewer

Everything is perfect when

you look up from far away.

Everyone's face familiar,

remote, muted as tuned out

radio static – a diminutive

rocket in the stratosphere,

passing overhead. Kaleido-

scope swirls of color spin

beneath a distant sun. Objects

appear to linger – dots, specks,

thought vibrations mined

from isolation. Peering through

the back end of rose-colored

binoculars, the horizon

ideally bent in the shape

of things to come.

Originally published in Distant Horizons


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Doctor Smith...of "Lost in Space",would agree.

Constance Brewer said...

Darn. I was going for a more 'Trek' vibe. But I'll take my villains where I can.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, your idea is useful