10 April 2010

April Poem A Day Challenge Day 10

Poetic Asides: For today's prompt, write a horror poem. Make it scary. Make it cheesy. Make it funny. Whatever you do, link it somehow to horror.

Horror is not my favorite genre, so this was a good prompt. Something to put me outside my comfort zone. I kind of ran through all the horror poems I know, and realized some I classify as horror probably aren't. They're just scary to me!

So that's the way I went with this prompt. What scares me? I've always been a bigger fan of the psychological horror flicks rather than the blood-spattering type. Blood, gore, zombies, eh. Not my cup of wax. Although I must admit a certain fondness for Shaun of the Dead. Somehow, if Simon Pegg can overcome his squeamishness about whacking zombies in the head with a cricket bat, I can deal with the random blood splat. Although the one guy getting pulled limb from limb was a bit much.

I also must confess when I played the X-Box game Halo, and met the Flood for the first time, I was seriously creeped out. I think it was a combination of the music, and the set up of dark narrow hallways and dingy alcoves that had you not knowing what to expect. Then when nasty little 'cabbage' head Flood, and zombie-like infected Flood soldiers appeared. . .

Let's just say I couldn't go down to my basement for a week without flipping the lights on before hand. And taking the dogs. Because everyone knows Corgis will protect you from all threats, foreign and interstellar.

My poem is about that horrid sensation of waking in the middle of the night with the uneasy feeling
. . .Flood soldier from Halo



Anonymous said...

Horror for me would be going into a dark basement and encountering Corgis!

Constance Brewer said...

True, that much cute contained in one place could be deadly! :)