09 May 2010

Get A Free Ebook From Kris Reisz And Win Artwork!

Remember that super-secret, hush-hush art project I was working on a few months ago? NO?

Ah well, I forgive you.

Hard to keep track of things you have no knowledge of.

So, the secret project is complete.

Periphery Arts teamed up with author Kristopher Reisz in celebration of the release of the new version of his novel Unleashed.

I created four black and white lino block prints based on four Kristopher Reisz short stories. The prints are eight by ten inches, (3) and nine by twelve inches (1), printed on Japanese Masa paper with Daniel Smith water based relief inks.

But here - I'll let Kristopher tell you in his own words.

"Hooray! Both a spiffy new trade edition and the Kindle version of Unleashed came out Tuesday!

To help promote it, I also released a short story collection, Quiet Haunts and Other Stories, as free ebook. (Click here to download it.)

Quiet Haunts contains a couple old favorites and a couple new stories that haven't appeared anywhere else. And just to make sure you guys knew how much I love you, I got Constance Brewer, the enormously talented printmaker, poet, and scourge of evildoers everywhere, to illustrate each story.

Constance sent me three copies of each print. One I'm keeping, but I want to give the other two away. So send me an email at KrisReisz@gmail.com with CONTEST in the subject line and your name andaddress in the body. Next Tuesday (May 11th), I'll pick eight people who'll get both a copy of Unleashed signed by me and a piece of original art signed by Constance.

So to recap...

Pick up Unleashed, now in lovely trade paperback and Kindle editions.

Then download Quiet Haunts and Other Stories to enjoy my stories and Constance's art.

And finally, shoot me an email KrisReisz@gmail.com to win awesome stuff.

How much more Kristopher Reisz-y goodness could you ask for!?

Kris Reisz

There you have it, boys and girls. Win artwork! Get a free ebook! Go buy Unleashed for Kindle or in paperback!

It's Win-Win-Buy!

It's awesome-y Kris Reisz goodness!

It's good for the economy!

What are you waiting for?

Note: Unleashed was a fine read, I enjoyed it. But don't just take my word for it. Both my teens liked it so much they had to have their own copies or much fighting would commence. What more could you ask for - A book both mom and kids can fight over!

So pick up your copy. And remember what the man said. Don't make me scourge you.



Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Hey - very nice artwork, Constance! I'll have to let my daughter know about Unleashed. Might be just the ticket.

Constance Brewer said...

Thanks. My first 'horror' prints.
Both my boys really, really like Kris' books. So did their Mom. :)