23 May 2010

Late Breaking Aliens

Yes, we did another Alien Inspection last month, I didn't post it because the Poem A Day challenge was taking up all my brainpower at the time. So here are some pictures from that expedition to the backside of Devils Tower.

This time around was an all wildlife all the time trip. We saw lots, domestic and wild. I used my coworkers Nikon L110(?) camera for this series, not sure I like the autofocus and the big screen on the back is hard to see in sunshine- not that there was a whole lot of that, still, it makes me kind of reconsider replacing my old Canon flip screen. I did like the zoom on it, though. I'd love a digital SLR, but I haven't won the lottery - yet.

Here is the lineup for the expedition. First up - turkeys! The males were strutting, the females disinterested, and the hunters salivating.

"Gertrude! Did you see that? The nerve of some males..."

"Look over here, ladies, check this out..."

"Who da man? I am, oh yeah...
Read? Of course I can't read. Why do you ask??"
On the other hand

The deer were shy and elusive.

The cattle aloof and indifferent.

Or indifferently aloof.

The sheep, though, were curious and strangely scary.

Or shaggy scary.

And now for some landscapes.
Hulett from the golf course, featuring the sawmill.

Red rocks around Hulett
More red rocks and pasture.

Some bonus wildlife from coworker K when she was over in the west side of the state. You'll see why she has no problems slamming on the breaks when I yell 'Stop! Picture!"

Bighorn sheep




And if that wasn't enough to intimidate you, a wolf track.



Anonymous said...

Ferris Bueller's day "on" ???

Haven't seen so much wildlife since the college kids last day of school "pub crawl".

Keep up the good work?

ps....nice pics...put a resume` in to "NatGeo"?

kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Fabulous pictures! Isn't a digital SLR on everyone's wish list? (Everyone who takes pictures, that is.) Haven't been to Devil's Tower for many years; this makes me want to take a road trip.

Constance Brewer said...

Anon - One reason I keep my job. Like mushroom hunting and getting paid for it...
NatGeo wouldn't take me when I was in College *sniff*

Constance Brewer said...

Kathleen - thanks. :)
Digital SLR, printing press, spinning wheel... so many expensive things, so little money. You should come out to Devil's Tower for a visit, I'll meet you and show you the aliens!

Gabriele C. said...

Well, we may have more trees here, but you surely have more varied wildlife.

Rondell said...

Who saw some Aliens? My uncle Roofus saw one in Louisiana once. He was driving around and saw a big ole light that made him run into a tree! I think it was probably that drunky wine that made him run into the tree but he swear up and down it was a UFO. Hmmph.

Carla said...

Amazing wildlife, and terrific photographs. I'm impressed.

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele - The problem with abundant wildlife is it's hard to avoid them when you're driving! Unlike trees, which are usually stationary. . .

Constance Brewer said...

Rondell - We see lots of strange things out here. Aliens would blend right in!

Constance Brewer said...

Carla - The wildlife here makes it easy. Ask my friend with the grizzly bear pictures. *g*