25 July 2010

Big Horn Day Hike

No, I haven't been lost in the woods. Just busy - writing, believe it or not. The unfinished fantasy novel lives, as does a bunch of new poems. Editing my little heart out. But all work and no play made me cranky, so off to the Big Horns for a much needed break hiking around the wild. A few pics for your enjoyment.

Yes, the sky was an astonishing blue, gorgeous, and only broken by a wispy cloud or two.

Lots of pretty plants to look at, although I finally figured out my old camera is not doing so well with its focus, especially on close ups.

Out of the 30 flower pics I took, only a handful came out okay.

And it wasn't operator error, they showed as focused in the viewfinder. I've been looking for an excuse to return to a Nikon, and now I have one.

The colors in this old Canon never seemed as saturated as with my old Nikon digital. Mr. Photoshop helped add the darks back in a bit.

The greens were a bit brighter, the blacks had more depth.

But the grass greens always seem to come out too bright, almost comic book like in coloration.

Good color representation is important when you want to use the pics as reference for painting and printmaking.

Here the blue sky was not quite as blue as the sky really was. The waters of the lake reflected how bright and blue the sky really was. The first picture's sky is more like it was that day.

Missed the deer, he heard us laughing and bound away, offended. The red squirrels, however, were content to scold us, loudly. Loud enough to get answering chitters from the squirrels across the lake. It felt like the set up for one of those horror movies where weird noises foreshadow monsters.

In this case, we were the only monsters upsetting the squirrel's world. So we headed out, back to civilization, refreshed from the contact with nature and day under electric blue Wyoming skies.



Akeith Walters said...

beautiful photos.

Constance Brewer said...

Gray - Thanks. Imagine how much better they'd be if I wasn't cussing my camera all the time! :)

Carla said...

That sky in the first photo is really an amazing colour of blue.

Constance Brewer said...

Carla - the sky really does get that blue here. It's kinda scary. :)

Gabriele C. said...

The sky in Sweden can get that blue, too.

Lovely pics. And what's wrong with that landscape that you keep yearning after our German trees? :)

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele, the landscape is 100 miles from my house... not right out my backdoor like I'd like! :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute!

Something is missing.

No Corgis in these pics??

Are they on vacation,being punished...???

Constance Brewer said...

Sorry, Anon,
The Corgis don't get to go on these hikes. Path is pretty rocky in places, and I don't really want to be carrying 25-50 pounds of dog in my pack if they get hurt. :)