28 November 2010

November 2010 Poem A Day Challenge - Day 28

Sunday Poetic Asides:
For today's prompt, write a "what really happened" poem. Use a real event (or an event from a popular movie) and spin it in another direction. Or use an event described in one of your poems earlier this month and spin it in a new direction. Or refute something that was never even in question. Or just poem any way that you can, because we're almost to the finish line.
I really liked this prompt, lots of ways to go with it. I finally settled on a subject I've visited before but didn't do justice to the first time around. I wrote "Pandora's Side Of The Story". I think the woman got screwed over on the whole letting evil out of the box thing, since it was all a big con by Zeus in the first place. So I wrote a rather lengthy poem telling Pandora's take on things. Her side is a bit different, as you might imagine, especially her thoughts on what leaving hope in the box really meant.

I like this prompt enough that I think I will revisit it in other forms. I've played with the idea before, poems telling the woman's side of the story – Lot's wife among others. It makes you think a little more on how we accept certain ideas as presented without delving a little deeper.

One haiku on the spitty, windy, snowy weather, and a tanka on the cat. It's getting easier to write a haiku that I'm happy with. That alone has made daily writing worthwhile.

11/28 TALLY
Poems - 1
Haiku - 1
Tanka - 1

To Date Total

Poems - 43
Haiku - 33
Tanka - 53


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