30 November 2010

November 2010 Poem A Day Challenge - Day 30

The final Poetic Asides Challenge prompt for the month:
For today's prompt, write a lessons learned poem. If you've been writing to a certain theme, this poem might take a moment to step back and reflect on the BIG PICTURE. If you're like me and couldn't quite stick to one theme throughout the month, then this poem might be about real lessons learned (either this month or during your entire lifetime). Or you might just write a poem about going to school. Or to work. Or this blog. Or something else.
By the way, this is a "Two for Tuesday" prompt, so the opposing prompt would be to write a poem in which someone or something doesn't learn their lesson. Or how they're unable or unwilling to learn their lesson.
My poem was a lessons learned poem, a dialogue with myself on psychology and human nature that comes to the conclusion that we really haven’t come as far as we think we have. I’m already thinking of how to revise it later on, to expand on the ways psychology and human nature clash. It could devolve into a poem on what’s normal, from the psychology side, and from the ordinary person side.

So in it’s own way the poem covers both of the prompts, lessons learned, and lessons we haven’t learned yet. Of course, that’s my way of cheating. I really should write a lessons not learned poem that stands on its own. I might yet on the revisit/editing sessions in December.

Three haiku, one of which could relate to the prompt, and one tanka. The tanka could be a lesson not learned, because I manage to do the same thing over and over again, despite every sign of impending doom. Maybe it should be a lesson relearned?

11/30 TALLY

Poems - 1
Haiku - 3
Tanka - 1

To Date Total
Poems - 46
Haiku - 38
Tanka - 56


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