11 April 2014

Fragment Friday

The neon-y goodness of my next weaving project.

1.  We finally had a couple of warm, spring-like days. So of course it's going to snow again. It's that time of year - wear my winter coat in the morning, and carry it home in the afternoon. Hopefully I can get gardening soon, before I lose interest. 

2.  "Mandible", "Spackle", "Loon-driven", "Anthropomorphic", "Cerulean", "Crackling"
All words I've found in poems of late that have a nifty mouth feel to them. Have you come across any words that sound/feel interesting?  

3.  Starting on a new woven scarf for DIL. Neon Green and Neon Pink. In a checked pattern. Hope I don't go blind weaving it. 

4.  New hobby - an excuse to buy How To books. and books about the subject. And books remotely related to the subject. And books....

5.  A breakthrough on my Second Fantasy Novel. I had to monkey with the magic system to make my hero more vulnerable so I could torment him more. If writers manipulated people like this in real life, they'd probably be strongly urged to see a shrink. Here, it's just good plotting. 


Split Pea Traveler said...

I just threw a birthday party for my partner using those exact same colors for the plates and cups, and worried about potential blindness as well. Turns out they were just festive & cheerful! Everyone's sight stayed intact. Hope yours does too. ;)

Congrats on the novel breakthrough. I bet that feels good…. although from the sounds of it, your hero isn't likely to feel so good. Happy writing!

Constance Brewer said...

Lisa - I'm knitting some brown socks to counter all the pink and green.
And heroes are meant to be tormented. :)