16 May 2014

Fragment Friday - Finally Spring!

It's finally spring on the Periphery. All I can say is it's about time.

1. My poem "The Problem With String Theory" is out in the 2014 Nassau Review, in which the poem ruminates on string theory and the game of cat's cradle.

2.  Hey, closing in on actually getting a garden planted. Maybe the snows have passed. *crosses fingers* Funny how I'm not as enthused about it as I was back in March. I think the shiny seed catalogs sucked me in. 

3.  Got a box with a sheep fleece in it. Both Corgis had to stick their heads in and breathe deep. It does smell like a barnyard. But it comes out in the wash, along with the dirt. Stay tuned to see what gets spun up. It's a California Red sheep fleece. Wiki article on the breed here.  Pictures of a California Red Sheep here.

4.  What to warp on the loom? I'm working my way through different weaving books I've purchased, and making various scarves. But I think I want to mix it up and make a bag, maybe with some handspun yarn. I don't have a pattern - I think I can wing it. (Even if I can't, I will.) What's the worst that could happen? It's wonky and I felt it? 

5.  A question that came up elsewhere - Dark or Milk chocolate? Why or why not? Any particular brand? (Confession - I ordered some Cadbury chocolate bars from England, because a friend told me they were so much better than American Cadbury.)


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Congrats on the poem publication! Working in the yard today....cleaning out the garden, planting some bare-root northern-grown perennials that Mick ordered. Not even sure what he ordered! Dark chocolate, definitely, especially with sea salt.

Constance Brewer said...

I had plans to garden build today, but it's raining. At this rate I'll only be able to grow lettuce!
Scott gave me some dark chocolate caramel with sea salt. Haven't tried it yet.