11 July 2014

Fragment Friday - Going To The Dogs

Bruno munches on a cow ear he stole from the Corgis.
1.  Bruno is visiting for a while. He's grown in the past few weeks. Now he can put his paws on the kitchen counter or stove and he's only 12 weeks old. With feet the size of dinner platters, he's going to be a monster. Luckily he's a big, lovable goofball of a dog. He is also being trained young - he defers to the Corgis in all things.  
Max, Bruno and Merlin play tag. Merlin is still not sure he likes the interloper.
2.  How does my garden grow? Very well, thank you. We had spinach, lettuce, parsley, dill and basil already. The tomatoes are giving it the old college try. Marble sized so far. Peas and beans are starting to climb the netting. Every time the granddaughters come over they have to go see the garden and ask, "Are the carrots born yet?".
My square foot garden in all its bloomy glory.
3.  The Finished Fantasy Novel has gone through a final edit - well, as final as anything gets with writers. I'll quit poking at it now. Trying to outline the Second Fantasy Novel. I've written about half of it... then realized the story needs to go a different way. That's okay, I learned a lot about my characters while writing. And reluctantly have come to see the value of outlining over pantsing. 

Corgi PushMe-PullYou. Otherwise known as the Pantser-Outliner dilemma.

4.  How's your summer going? Do anything interesting? Go anywhere I need to know about? Did it involve water? Flying? Do you do any spontaneous trips? (The low to no planning kind?) 

Bruno, spontaneously chewing.

5.  More weaving pictures to come soon. I just finished another scarf for Scott with some self-striping sock yarn I got in my Yarnbox subscription. Next up may be something wider, a shawl or bag. Of course I needed to buy yarn for that project, because none of the 149 skeins I had were just right.... Also processing 8 pounds of Targhee sheep fleece into yarn. 8 pounds is a LOT of fleece. Why did nobody tell me how large 8 pounds of fleece was? Not that I would have listened, because - Targhee!


Gabriele C. said...

You can watch that dog growing. I just compared the pic from this post and the one from June 13. :-)

Constance Brewer said...

I swear he grows overnight....

Oonah said...

He's a beauty!