09 January 2015

Fragment Friday - The Ice Box Edition

Another chilly day in Wyoming.

1. Just a reminder, if you're a poet, Gyroscope Review is now open to submissions. Submit up to 5 poems in any style/length. (We use Submittable.) We'll get back to you in 1-3 months. The first issue should be out for Spring 2015. 

2.  Greetings from America's Ice Box. Now featuring a daily high temperature of 0 degrees, with wind chills down to -30 or so. How's the weather in your part of the world? Want to trade?

3.  Youngest Child asked/demanded a scarf of his own, so I warped the loom and cranked out a black and dark gray silk/wool scarf for him. I think I'll make myself another scarf, out of yak wool this time. Ought to be plenty warm. Never noticed any cold yaks. Only thing better would be Qiviut (Muskox) but at $50 an ounce, it isn't going to happen any time soon. 

4.  The other good thing about cold weather is it means it's bread making time. So far I've made rolls and some no-knead artisan breads. Waiting for my sourdough starter to come up to strength so I can use that. I received some baguette pans for Christmas, so French bread is also in my future. Along with scone pans, so I know what's for breakfast this weekend. Chocolate chip or savory? Decisions, decisions.

5.  The Corgis still get to play fetch (bouncyball in Corgi-speak) despite the snow and cold. The problem is the tennis ball gets wet, it rolls in the snow and picks up snow that turns to ice, and it gets bigger and bigger. Kind of like rolling up a snowman. Doesn't seem to deter the Corgis. They do love their bouncyball time. Being double coated seems to help. Maybe I need to spin up the undercoat I collected last shedding and make myself a scarf. I already have Corgi fur mittens.

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