27 March 2015

Fragment Friday - The Pre-Launch Edition

The Dynamic Duo in spring, after grooming. Ready, set, roll in the dirt!

1.  The first issue of Gyroscope Review is almost ready!  It will be in a slick flippy page PDF format for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for the big Go Live announcement. After that, we will be opening to submissions for Issue 2. Are you ready?

2.  My little tomato seedlings are so cute - and tiny. Hard to believe they grow up to be big, bad tomato producing plants in a few short months. Of course, any way you look at it, going from seed to plant is a miracle. Especially from seed to redwood tree. 

3.  Since I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and buy an iPad, what are some of your favorite apps? As you know, I like reading, writing and knitting. I also like astronomy and learning German. And winged things.  (or didn't you know that?) 

4.  My town has been gaining new restaurants in leaps and bounds. In the past month I've sampled the new Italian place where I indulged in spaghetti carbonara, my favorite, and it was excellent; a new Japanese place, where I had tempura and soba noodles, also excellent; and a new to me Mexican place that had killer burritos and tongue tacos. Excellent. I am beside myself with good food choices. It's nice. What new food have you sampled lately?

5.  I just realized I didn't take a single day off from work in March. I will have to remedy that in April, lest I be thought of as an over-achiever. doG forbid. 
So I'm trying to figure out where to go visit this year. Suggestions?
Bruno, thinking deep thoughts about sticks.


Oonah said...

We went to a new Turkish restaurant the other night. Very nice lanb kebabs.

Looking forward to Gyroscope :)

Constance Brewer said...

I love lamb - when it's done right.

We're thrilled to have you in the first issue, Oonah. :)

Carla said...

Awww, Bruno looks cute - and a bit apprehensive. Was he worried about something?

Constance Brewer said...

He always looks that way. He's low dog on the totem pole around here.

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Yes, Gyroscope Review is going to be gorgeous!!
Now, that iPad - Yay! You'll love it. And we can Facetime about GR stuff - it's a better connection than Skype in general. I've set up the Mail app to connect with all my Gmail accounts and synced the calendar to show all the stuff from my Gmail calendar (and vice versa), which is very handy. I use the Notes app a lot. But there's also a productivity app called Evernote that my son swears by; I downloaded it and am still thinking about it. Pages, which will come with you iPad, allows you to work in .docx files, too, so don't bother with another version of MS Word. Get the Epi (as in Epicurious) app for cooking/recipes - it's fabulous and easy to use. And I've discovered I like iBooks better than my old Nook for reading ebooks. Happy to talk to you about this more in-depth when you have the iPad in hand. As a total Mac head, I welcome you!!
And now that I'm writing the longest comment of my life, I might as well suggest you visit Minnesota this year and stay in my guest room. :-)

Constance Brewer said...

Sounds like iPad will work well for me. Any cooking or recipe app is fine by me. :) I'll have to search out knitting ones of course.
I'll think about visiting Minnesota. Haven't been there in 8 years or so.