10 April 2015

Fragment Friday - The Rambling Edition

Tomato seedlings, before the thinning.

1.  I'm doing my own version of Poem a Day for National Poetry Month. I'm doing a line here, a line there. Beginning lines, end lines, lines that carry weight for a middle. There's no poems wrapped around these lines - yet. Even pondering what putting all these lines into one poem would look like. Let the chaos begin!

2.  I've decided to remodel the downstairs bathroom. Right now it's stripped down to the studs awaiting new everything. It was entirely too much fun to wander around the home improvement store and ponder possibilities. It was interesting how, once the tile was chosen, everything else fell into place. A logical progression, if you will. Know of any nifty bathroom fixture/appliances I can't live without?

3.  My lilac trees have buds on them. I'm beginning to think it might be spring after all. (*Looks nervously over her shoulder for that nasty spring snow storm just waiting to erupt...*)

4.  Yes, there is knitting going on. I started a Shetland Hap Shawl, which involves far more stitches than I like to contemplate. Hundreds on one row, even. Other people seem to churn these things out one after another, so it can't be that complicated. Can it? I'm going to find out. Meanwhile, a skull cap in black and neon green is underway for Eldest Child. 

5.  Thanks to my Anonymous Brother, for sending me a care package of Spiedies  When you can't get to your hometown food, it's nice that it can come to you. Beats the time he sent me an empty pizza box from my favorite pizza place. It did have a science book in it, so all was not in despair. What are foods you would like to have care packaged to you?

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