05 June 2015

Fragment Friday - The Horn Blowing Edition

1.  I've been remiss in tooting my own horn. I have a poem in the Summer issue of Dark Matter Journal.
DM7 cover_Page_001

And for those of you who missed it, I also have a poem in the Spring edition of The Linnet's Wings.

Wonderful publications. Go visit them.

2. Speaking of poems, I've been thinking on renga lately. I'd love to write one, but I need a partner or two. Anyone up for writing a renga with me, or even a tag-teamed poem? Renga are collaborative poems where the authors take turns composing the alternating three-line and two-line stanzas.

3. Another week, another round of rain, rain, rain. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? I can tell how wet it is out by how wet the Corgis are when they come in from morning patrol. Being low riders, they collect a lot of water on their undercarriage. And mud. 

4.  If aliens invaded, one way to bring the world to its knees and ensure cooperation would be to take possession of all the coffee and chocolate in the world. 

5.  If I were braver I'd go out into the storms to take some pictures,. There are awesome cloud formations and lightning. Alas, as I've gotten older, I've gotten a bit more cautious. But surely a plastic storage bag over the camera and a quick dash out wouldn't be so bad. Would it?

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