10 June 2016

Images on the Periphery

Life on the Periphery is going to take a little break from the Internet. Here are some pictures to keep you entertained. Meanwhile, keep cool out there!

Missouri Buttes and Devils Tower under cloud cover.

Here I am, preparing to go around the bend!

Max and Merlin preparing for a Saving One Life walk. Notice Merlin's bandana is already filthy.

Flashback Pic - Riding Nightwind.

Flashback Pic - Riding Lemon

June visitors to the lilac bushes.
The Dynamic Duo starring in "Walk This Way".


Oonah said...

Lovely photos, Constance, of you and the boys. I hope you have a great break. xxx

Constance Brewer said...

Oonah, had a great time and learned lots about poetry! My boys left dog hair on my pillow so I would know I was missed. :)