21 October 2016

The Periphery Goes Visiting - Part II A Bit of Fairy Dust

A red squirrel contemplates chucking a nut on our head, a secret red squirrel "Welcome to Minneapolis" ritual.

The foliage on a walk around a lake dazzled our brown Wyoming weary eyes.

The guardian of the house decides whether or not to let us enter her domain.

A duck stands tall above the lake algae. Am I friend or foe he wonders.

Ruby decides we are harmless - and might have treats.

Lake debris reflecting a gorgeous fall afternoon.

A park bench invites us to rest by a tree sporting the pink ribbon of death.

This duck found clear water and clear sailing for his afternoon.

The trees that changed colors went all out to gain our attention.

Lake fairies begged us to stay a while longer. "Come back, come back" they cried. I think we will.

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