04 November 2016

Must Have Book for Poets


A little bit of self-promotion for the day. See that book up there, The Crafty Poet II? It's a self-contained little poetry tutorial, chock full of tips on crafting poetry, poetry prompts, and poems that model the prompt.

It just so happens one of my poems is used as an example of a poem modeled on a prompt. My poem is "Synthesis" (Page 108) and is a model for the prompt by Barbara Hamby entitled "Vex Me".

My first line is
"Oh Rock in my Path, how considerate of you to descend 
early in the morning to avoid squashing my flesh-bag 
beneath your magnificence." 

Of course it goes downhill from there.

There are lots of other wild and wonderful poems in this book, and prompts to keep your brain engaged and new work flowing. Pick up a copy on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, you won't regret it.

While you're at it, stop by and give Diane Lockward some love for putting together this awesome collection.

Now, it's November - NaNo this and NaNo that - back to writing!


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

I can attest the book is great!

Constance Brewer said...

There you go. A testimonial!

Judith Kelly Quaempts said...

I have I and II and also have a sample poem in II-I also carry an extra copy in my car so that anytime I'm stalled in traffic or by a train 10 miles long, i can pick up my book, pad and pen and get to work.

Thank you Diane for all your work putting the Crafty Poet together.

Constance Brewer said...

Judith - thanks for stopping by.