08 January 2017

Listen Up!

Since I didn't do an end of year round up, I thought I'd do some posts on what I'm reading, listening to, writing, knitting, baking. Something like that. First up is what's on the iPod of late.

Listening to the David Bromberg Band's newest CD - The Blues, The Whole Blues, and Nothing But The Blues.

Next up that gets a lot of play time on my iPod is Krishna Das. He mainly does Hindu devotional music called kirtan. He has a wonderful voice and very soothing songs. The following video is called My Foolish Heart.

I like a bit of metal in my life, so I'm listening to Disturbed's Immortalized album. I keep coming back to the least likely song on the album, a remake of The Sound Of Silence. The power of David Draiman's voice is phenomenal.

Okay, Okay, I'm still a few years behind on things. Listening to the last Linkin Park album The Hunting Party. It creeps into my playlist when I least expect it.

And we'll end with a blast from the past - at least for me. I've always liked John Denver, and I make no apologies about it. My favorite song of his below.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Hmm....This weekend, I just acquired some stuff on iTunes: The Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome, Iggy Pop Blah Blah Blah....Loved the David Bromberg video!

Constance Brewer said...

Bromberg is a great act! Saw him live back in NY. Entertaining concert.