19 July 2006

Icarus, Descending

I finished the print for the Nudes print
exchange ahead of time. This is a first. I usually race down to the wire. Of course, last time, I was ahead of schedule, made 31 prints in three colors, then decided I hated the result and hastily caved a new block. This time I planned things out a little better.
I'm still having trouble with registration. I tried running the print through the little tabletop etching press I got, but the print was about 1.5 inches too long. So I did them all with a baren and still had problems with registration. I build a template on some masonite with cardboard guides for the lino block and the paper, but they still were cattywumpus. Execution is not my strong point...

The picture looks a bit off, because I photographed it with the digital after I taped it to my studio wall. Nothing but the best effects.
The two prints below are my test prints for the finished one. I may do some with just the Icarus and hand color. This one was done with golden linoleum, Stonehenge natural paper, Daniel Smith black waterbased ink, Daniel Smith yellow ochre waterbased ink, and a Japanese baren to rub the prints. Someday, I'll get to use the press, now that I know how. Adding another felt blanket and a fake block starter made all the difference. Who'd a thunk it?


KC Heath said...

gosh, Connie, that is so beautiful. I wasn't aware you were into visual art too. Amazing talent you have. [and that guy you drew is such a hunk--is he taken?] :) kc

Constance said...


Someday we can discuss the dichotomy of being a visual artist and writer. My art ends up being narrative, but the only art in my writing is my poetry.

You're about 6-10 centuries too late for this guy. He's a composite of Michelangelo and Raphael body parts, and greek sculpture. Guess all those life drawing classes I had to take did come in handy...


(Waiting for YOUR blog updates. Let's having a writing process tag team!}