02 October 2006

The Writing Process

Over at the Kenyon Review, Jerry Harp has a pair of essays on the writing process. The first essay, On Writing, talks of how 'the muse favors the prepared mind...' and how sometimes in writing, less is more.

In the second essay, On Writing 2 , Harp dissects an Edmund Spencer sonnet and describes writing as an 'act of displacement'.

The Kenyon Review has also started doing podcasts. You can listen to interviews with the likes of poets Mark Strand, Jason Schneiderman, Dana Roeser, and the publisher of Graywolf Press, Fiona McCrae.


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, but once you've removed all those advers, you'll angst over the perfect verb. ;)

Constance said...

I angst over where to put commas and periods. It's a gift. :)

Gabriele C. said...

I have a little gauze bag with commas which I sprinkle over the text. :)

English comma rules are so different from German ones I never really get them.

Constance said...

I've been threatened a fine of $1.00 per excess comma by a friend. Keeps me from over indulging!