02 November 2006

NaNo - Day 2, Death Becomes Him

I think I will name my internal editor "Bob". Bob needs to die. Bob harped at me all evening and delayed my writing. Instead of specific criticisms, I got the continually whispered, "It's crap, it's all crap, everything you're writing is crap".

Well, duh.

Despite the negative encouragement from Bob, I hammered out around 1700 words tonight. That's a good scene length for me (and convieniently just what I need to stay on track with NaNo.). I know I can go back later, after this madness is over and expand that into 2500 words if need be. I have very little description of settings or people. It's mostly dialogue. Hey, I like to talk, okay?

I'm still sticking to my outline. In this scene the protagonist finds out the man who wants to help her may not be telling her the full truth about the disappearance of her daughter. That was pretty much all the outline I had for this scene and it worked well as a rough guide. The antagonist isn't really evil, he just wants things his own way. Kind of like Bob.

In tomorrow's scene I switch POV to the other protagonist and his trials and tribulations. I found the switch in POV helps me gear up and write faster. Maybe I just get tired of the one protagonist and want to play in someone else's head for a while. Maybe my characters have split personalities. Or maybe letting the ADD come out during NaNo is a GOOD thing.

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