24 November 2006

NaNo - Day 23 & 24, Mistakes Were Made, Heads Will Roll

Yes, I did write yesterday, on Thanksgiving. I just didn't post. By the time I finished saving the world from alien invasion, it was time for pie and a movie. I made the mistake of putting Lord of the Rings on. Watching all three movies is a new family tradition. By the time we got to Return of the King, we were naming the Orcs and giving them hobbies.

My characters didn't get the day off on Thanksgiving. My female protagonist and her god/lover reached the city where their kidnapped daughter was rumored to be. They ran around the city trying to get a name to go with the description of the man who has their daughter. It took them a while. I tried to play it as if I were in a strange town and wanting information. How would I get it? The good thing about being a god is that you have coinage. Lots of it. Nothing like bribery to loosen lips.

The caveat to all this is that my earth walking god has to be very careful not to draw the wrong kind of attention to himself. In mortal form, he is a bit vulnerable. A foreign mage, or god forbid, foreign god who discovers him in their territory, practicing magic or doing god deeds... let's just say it could end badly. The local god will be powerful. If my god is lucky, the local gods aren't paying to much attention to one city in their domain. Magic drifts about, little acts won't get their interest. Foreign mages know to exercise restraint when out of their kingdom. Same idea, little acts don't warrant their concern.

Too bad my god didn't stick to the low profile thing. When Dzaro and Kadi find out the man who has their child is traveling to another city, a city with some ominous implications for their daughter, Dzaro does the very thing he shouldn't have done. He uses his divine abilities to conjure and create something that shouldn't be in this city. It gets noticed. Local mages investigate. Demons get interested. And remember the Godhunter the antagonist unleashed in a previous chapter? Uh huh. He is drawn towards our hapless heroes like dogs to a running can opener at dinner time.

When they start chasing the trail of their daughter, they were the pursuers. Now they are caught in the middle, having to evade demons, mages, and the Godhunter while trying to reach the next city before the man dumps their daughter off in the worst possible place. Who does a god pray to when he needs help? Before leaving his own kingdom, Dzaro attempted to negotiate a safe passage of sorts with the gods of other kingdoms. How long will his amnesty last before the other gods tire of his rule bending? How do you keep your family safe when it seems like everyone between heaven and hell is out to get you? If your lucky, you have friends. Lots of them. BUt when they are the four legged kind, will it be of any help?


Gabriele C. said...

By the time we got to Return of the King, we were naming the Orcs and giving them hobbies.

Has Scott infected you? :)

Your book sounds like fun for the characters. Not. mwuhahaha

Constance said...

Oh my gods! That's it. I have Scott Orc cooties! Get them off, get them off!
Antidote! Antidote! Don't make me bring out the gnome...

Scott Oden said...

It's a little known fact that Orcs enjoy crochet and tatting ("Thanks, Gothmog, for those lidless eye socks! They match my Morgul skull toboggan!")

Hey, you could do far worse than Scott Orc cooties ;)

Constance said...

Scott, I want to see a picture of an Orc doily. Or tea cozy. Let me know when they're up, and I'll rescind my cootie remark.

You realize now I'll have to develop a sock pattern featuring eyes, now don't you??