21 February 2007

Got Corgis?

Well, it's one way to keep the gnomes at bay. Gnomes can't handle that much cute.
Any animals in your stories, real or created? I have horses, of courses... dogs, rats, tigers, camels and llamas of a sort. The usual assortment of edible critters. Surprisingly, no cats. Yet. My OSH cat, Anubis, has lodged a formal complaint. Of course it sounded suspiciously like his "I'm starved feed me damn it the service in this place stinks" yowl, so I'll have to investigate further. And photograph.


Carla said...

These are Merlin and Maximus from your sidebar, aren't they? They're gorgeous. (Which is which, by the way?)

I have a cat who wins a staring match with a warrior, if that counts.

Constance said...

Merlin is the red and white, Maximus is the tri color.

My cat thinks he's one of the dogs. Low man in the pack, but one of the dogs just the same.

Gabriele C. said...

Aw, those a cute.

I have horses and dogs mostly. A tame wolf in Never to Return, and some birds of prey for hunting in the Mediaeval story.

Bernita said...

Carla sent me.
I've just introduced a spectral hound, Dumbarton by name.
In a previous book I had a real one.
One of my real, real ones is "mostly corgi."

Constance said...

Hi Bernita,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm a big fan of more dogs in books. And rats. My next novel will have good rats. My first novel has what are giant Irish wolfhounds, and another has a god that takes the form of a Basenji when on earth. Haven't worked Corgis in - yet.

I did a short story with a spectral hound in it. Mine had no name, Dumbarton conjures up all kinds of images. :) Cool name.

Gabriele, you need a few rats in your stories. I'll loan you some.