25 February 2007

On The Road Again

While on last week's Outreach adventure across Wyoming, I stopped to take a few pictures for those of you wondering how I can listen to opera, talk to myself, compose poems in my head, and sing along with Stan while not driving off the road or getting distracted. This is why:

Correct! There is nothing out there! Roadkill bingo this week produced an excess of skunks, but not as many rabbits as previous trips. One dead antelope and the remains of something unidentified, but the crows were very interested in. One eagle sighting -golden, numerous hawks, and an unconfirmed sighting of a fox darting across the road in front of me. To keep me company this trip I had Sundance Mountain, where I will do Outreach in a few weeks. In case any bears need me? Ah well, maybe I'll see some wild gnomes...


Gabriele C. said...

Roadkill bingo, lol.

The landscape is very different from the ones I know and often have come to love, but the sheer space of it is fascianting.

Looks like the gnomes already have a party and sing drunken songs now.

Constance said...

I have a few other pics to post later on. Wyoming is all about space. The mountain you see in the second picture is about 40 miles from where I was. Between me and the mountain? A whole lot of nothing. :)

Drunken gnomes? Here? They must have wandered over from Scott's blog in an attempt to corrupt my procrastination gnomes. Like they need any help.

Carla said...

Big sky country, no? I can see where the name comes from now. Awesome. The nearest I've ever experienced to something like that is on top of the Cairngorm plateau in Scotland, but the scale is nothing like yours.

Do you have to create the roadkill to play bingo, or just count it?

Constance said...

You were supposed to be able to click the top pic and get a big version. I must have screwed that up. Then you can see the yawning distance. I'll try and fix that, or post another pic.

I don't intentionally create roadkill, but we do have suicidal bunnies that will run down the middle of the road right at your car. I refuse to wreck to save a bunny. Sorry.

It's the deer that are the hazard, antelope are smart enough to stay away from the road, (mostly)while deer graze right alongside it. Very creepy to see all those glowing eyes at twilight.